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Uli NG. (W. Ger., 82). Upgraded from Uli 1. Designed by Egon Scheibe and produced by Weller Aircraft. Wing span 90.68 m, wing area 12.78 m2. Length 5.92 m. Empty weight 116 kg. Briggs and Stratton 30 hp engine. Glide ratio 10:1.




ULM 811 (81). Twin engines similar to Quicksilver. Wings with strut bracing. Wing area 161.5 sq/ft. Empty weight 154.3 lbs. Stall speed 22 mph. Glide ratio 7:1. Air-Cefelec.



Ultra-Aire. (U.S.). Tube and dacron. Canard wing. Wing span 26', wing area 130 sq/ft with canard of 20 sq/ft. 35 hp Cuyuna ULII-02 pusher engine. Cruise speed 40 mph and stall speed 20 mph. Length 14' 2", Height 6' 11". Empty weight 240 lbs. Load factors +6 Gs and -7 Gs. Glide ratio 8:1. Pinaire Engineering.





Ultra Cruiser. Wing span 25’, wing area 112 sq/ft. Length 16’, empty weight 249 lbs. Useful load 251 lbs. All aluminum aircraft. 4 stroke 37 hp VW engine. Cruise speed 60 mph and stall at 25 mph. Climb rate 1000 fpm. Removal of canopy for summer flying. Plans built. Hummel Aviation, Bryan OH.




Ultavia. (1982). Wing span 32’, wing area 155 sq/ft. Empty weight 230 lbs. Payload 250 lbs. Glide ratio 10:1. Ultavia Aircraft, Las Vegas, NM.




Ultrastar.  Single seat, pusher engine monoplane. Steel tube and fabric construction. 3-Axis control system. Double surface, strut braced quick folding wing and full span ailerons. Taildragger with steerable tailwheel. Length 20', wing span 27.5', wing area 150 sq/ft. Cuyuna 430R pusher engine. Cruise speed 45 mph and stall speed 25 mph. Climb rate  800 fpm. Empty weight 235 lbs. Payload 250 lbs. Build time 300 hrs. Kolb Company.



Unknown One. (No info available).


UW-7. By Roman Weiler. Flugzeug. (Janes 86-87, p. 598).




Varna. (Russia). Single-seat, high wing monoplane. 28 hp tractor engine. Taildragger landing gear. Length 16.8’, wing span 27.3’ and wing area 100 sq/ft. Empty weight 273 lbs and gross weight 480 lbs. Top speed 81 mph and stall speed 37.5 mph. Climb rate of 500 fpm. Wing and tail of wood. Fuselage metal and composite. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/varna_ultralight_aircraft.php.



Vector 600. (U.S. 82). Single seat, pusher with V-tail designed by Berndt Petterson, Mike McCarron and Paul Yarnell. Similar to Hill’s Humbug. Aluminum tube and sailcloth construction. 3-Axis control system. 80% double surface, wire braced wing. Tricycle landing gear with non steerable nosewheel. Length 18', height 8.0’, wing span 35.2' wing area 154 sq/ft. 22 hp Zenoah G25B-1 engine. Cruise speed 45 mph with stall at 26 mph. Climb rate 600 fpm. Empty weight 195 lbs. Payload 230 lbs. Structural limits +5.7 Gs and -2.85 Gs. Aerodyne Systems Inc.


(Aus. 80). Sander Veenstra a prolific designer of ultralight aircraft began with the Bluebird a single seat, high wing pusher aircraft. He then developed the Thermite (inverted tail), a sleeker aircraft. The SV8 Bandit was a sleek motorglider with an upright V-tail. He preferred the Robin EC 25PS 244 cc engines for his craft. The pictured aircraft has a wing span 26’3” and empty weight of 245 lbs. It was offered ready to fly and appears diminutive in size. Unfortunately, I cannot confirm the designation for the pictured aircraft. SV Aircraft Pty Ltd.




VJ-Viera. (Czech). Designed by Marek Ivanov. Single-seat low-wing monoplane with choice of mono, tricycle or taildragger landing gear. Composite fuselage, fibre glass wings and aluminum tail assembly. Wings and horizontal tail are easily detachable for transport and storage. Length 17.3’, Wing span 24.6’, wing area 97.8 sq/ft. Empty weight 171 lbs. Load factors over 8 G's 26 hp tractor engine. Cruise speed 110 kph and stall speed 27 mph. Completely assembled and ready to fly.




Viking. (1983). Designed by Kevin Bell and based on Easy Riser. 2-axis control. Single seat biplane with variable incidence canard and pusher engine. 38 hp Kawasaki 440 engine. Cruise speed 45 mph and stall speed 23 mph. Climb rate 800 fpm. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. Fuel tank seat. Supplied in kit form and requires 75-100 hrs. for pop rivet construction. Wing span 32’, wing area 170 sq/ft. Length 16’. Empty weight 244 lbs. Useful load 225 lbs. Structural limits +5 Gs and -3 Gs. Glide ratio 7:1. Northstar LTD., Glendale, AZ.




Viper II. Aluminum tube and Dacron covered wing. Twin tailbooms. Wing span 33’, Length 16’, height 12’, Empty weight 150 lbs. Microlite Systems, Inc. (Janes 82-83, p. 648).




Vogt LO-120. Twin boom with inverted ‘V’ tail. (No other info available).



Volksplane VP-1. One of the simplest, least expensive wooden home built aircraft. Designed by W.S. Evans and first flew in 1968. 50 hp VW tractor engine. Length 18', wing span 24', and wing area 100 sq/ft. Empty weight 475 lbs. Cruise speed 75 mph, stall speed 45 mph, and rate of climb at 600 fpm.



Veerhees Delta. (No info available).

Wanderer. No info available.

Warp 1-A. All composite ultralight. Also called the Nova-1. Wing span 2.5', wing area 87.5 sq/ft. Empty weight 250 lbs. 50 hp Rotax 503 pusher engine. Cruise speed 95 mph, stall speed 40 mph and climb rate of 900 fpm. Estimated build time 100 hrs. Star-Lite Eng. Ltd. Englewood, OH 45322. See Nova-1 for picture.



Wee Bee. (1949). Smallest piloted plane for it’s time. The diminutive plane was designed, built, and flown by Ken Coward, William Chana, and Karl Montijo in San Diego, California. Length 14' 2", height 5'. Wingspan 18', wing area 44 sq/ft. It was powered by a two cylinder 30-hp Kiekhaefer O-45-35 engine. Empty weight 210 lbs and maximum takeoff weight 410 lbs. Cruise speed 75 mph. Weight was kept to a minimum by having the pilot lay in a prone position atop the fuselage. It had a  tricycle landing gear. Beecraft Associates, Inc. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-TE7MOuo7c&NR=1. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g-TE7MOuo7c&feature=related.




Weedhopper. (77). Designed by John Chotia and initial model had an originally designed engine. 2-Axis control with tricycle landing gear. Constructed of aluminum tubes bolted together and strut braced wings of pre-sewn sailcloth envelopes. Empty weight 250 lbs. Payload 300 lbs. Length 18.25', height 6.9', wing span 28', wing area 168 sq/ft. Wing loading 2.2 psf. Engine: Rotax 447 SCSI. Cruise speed 55 mph and stall speed 20 mph. Rate of climb 1000 fpm. Load factors +5 Gs and -2 Gs. Glide ratio 7.3:1. http://www.weedhopperplans.com/page4.htm


Weedhopper Rocket. (No info available).


Whing Ding WD-II. (U.S., 2/71). Designed by Bob Hovey in Saugus, California. Essentially a plywood box filled with urethane foam to serve as a fuselage. Has a conventional fabric-covered empennage with tail boom made with an aluminum tube. The power plant was a 12 hp McCulloch chainsaw engine. Cruise speed 40 mph, stall speed 26 mph, climb 100 fpm. Control in flight was via wing warping. Length 14', height 5'6", wingspan 17', wing area 98 sq/ft. Empty weight 123 lbs. Load factors +3 Gs and -3 Gs. Construction time around 400 hrs. Construction method and plans available for free at, http://ca.groups.yahoo.com/group/cfair1/.



Wildente.  (W. Ger. 4/1983). Single seat, single engine monoplane with tricycle landing gear. Wing span 34’5½“, wing area 165 sq/ft. Length 6’ 10”, Height 9’ 2 Ό“. Empty weight 221 lbs. with payload of 243 lbs. Glide ratio 10:1. (Jane’s 86-87, p.598).




Windspiel 3. (Ger. 1982). Double surface Dacron wings. Wing span 32.4’, wing area 150.7 sq/ft. Length 12’9”, height 7’10”. Empty weight 178 lbs. Structural limits +6 Gs and -3 Gs. Single-seat microlight. Earlier version, Windspiel 2 shown below.


Windy-3. No info available.




Windwagon GW-1. (4/77). Designed by Gary Watson. Low-wing cantilever monoplane. Aluminum alloy fuselage. Tricycle landing gear. Wing span 18’. Length 13’, height 3.5’. Empty weight 273 lbs. Watson Co. 




Witch. (U.S. 82). Designed by Marvin Greenwood. Single-seat, hi-wing monoplane. Strut braced with Dacron covered aluminum wings. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. Easily transportable. 22 hp Zenoah G25B1 pusher engine. Wing span 30’, Length 18’2”, wing area 150 sq/ft. Cruise speed 50 mph, stalling speed 26 mph. Structural limits +3.8 Gs and -2 Gs.




Wizard I. Single seat pusher engine. Aluminum tube and sailcloth construction. Weight shift control system. Single surface, wire braced wing. Tricycle landing gear with non steerable nosewheel. Length 17', height 10.2", wing span 32.3' wing area 162 sq/ft. Empty weight 167 lbs. Approximate build time 100 hrs. Glide ratio 9:1. Ultralite Soaring Inc. (Jane’s 81-82, p. 611). http://groups.yahoo.com/group/wizardaircraft/?yguid=75609453.



 Designed by John Chotia and featured on Popular Mechanics cover in 1978. Length 17.5', height 7.9', wing span 32 ft. wing area 157 sq/ft. Empty weight 145 lbs. Maximum pilot weight 200 lbs. Stress limit +3.5 Gs. Glide ratio 9:1. Construction time 250-300 hrs. Plans available at http://groups.yahoo.com/group/cfair2/?yguid=75609453.



Wren. (U.S., 1982). Single-seat hi-wing monoplane designed by Mark Calder. Composite construction with Dacron covering. Safety roll bar constructed into cockpit. 3-Axis. Tailskid landing gear. 28 hp 440A engine standard. Length 18’, height 5’8”. Wing span 36’, wing area 160 sq/ft. Empty weight 241 lbs. Kit or plans built. Wren Aircraft, Inc. 3050 Mc Carver Dr. Midlothian, Texas, 76065.

Wren, English Electric. No other info available.

 Zhuravlic (USSR). Designed by Alexandre Pletnyov. Very basic. Pilot stands up in this taildragger. Wing span 31’6”. Empty weight 121 lbs. Glide ratio 30:1. (Jane’s 81-82, p. 615).

Zigolo MG12. (Italy). No info available. Aviad.

Zing. Designed by Scott Lane. Parasol wing with Superflite dope and fabric covering. Fiberglass cowling. Double surface wings, Estimated build time is 300 to 500 hrs. Length 17', wing span 25.6', wing area 118.8 sq/ft. 30 hp Kawasaki engine. Cruise speed 60 mph and stall speed 27 mph. Climb rate 650 fpm. Empty weight 249 lbs. Payload 250 lbs. Pop's Props. RR1, Box 98, Cooksville, IL 61730, 309-725-3237. http://simplexaero.com.


Zipper. (Can). The Zipper was designed in the early 1980s by Canadian aircraft designer Chris Heintz. The wing has no ribs for easy folding. Single seat, tractor engine(s) aircraft. Aluminum and sailcloth construction. 3-Axis controls. Double surface, strut braced Princeton Sailwing. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. Length 14.5', height 5.5', wing span 28', wing area 140 sq/ft. Cruise speed 35-45 mph, stall speed 18 mph. Empty weight 180 lbs. Structural limits +6 Gs and -3 Gs. Zenair Ltd. Ontario Canada.