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Salman Farooque. (Pakistan, 1987).




Solo. Designed by Craig Catto and Brian Glenn.




Solution.  Designed by Dick Turner, formerly of Starflight Aircraft. Approximate assembly time is 50 hrs. Wing span 33', wing area 183 sq/ft. V-STOL Aircraft, P.O. Box 7534, Ft. Myers, FL 33911, 941-936-1261.




Sorcerer MW5. (Brit., 1983). Designed by Mike Whittaker. Single-seat, high-wing monoplane with 3-axis controls. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. Aluminum tube framework. Tractor engine. A simplified version of the MW4. M Whittaker, Appletree Cottage, Churchfield Road, Clayton, Doncaster, DN5 7BZ. Tel 01977. 643508.




Souricette. (Fr.). All wood mid-wing monoplane. Wing span 26.5', wing area 98.5 sq/ft. Empty weight 220 lbs. Payload 190 lbs. JPX 15 hp engine. Cruise speed 65 mph and stall speed 31 mph. Climb rate 350 fpm. Michel Barry.





SP-1. (Czech). Single seat, high-wing monoplance with 3-axis control. Strut braced wing. Tricycle landing gear. Aluminum alloy tube and wood construction. Length 18.6’, height 4.7’, wing span 34.8’, wing area 139 sq/ft. Empty weight 322 lbs, payload 243 lbs. Load factors +6 Gs and -4 Gs. Prague Technical Univ.



Sparrow. (U.S., 1987). Single place, hi-wing monoplane with 28 hp Rotax 277 tractor engine. Three Axis with tricycle landing gear. Wing span 30.2', wing area 120 sq/ft. Length 16.75', height 6.9'. Empty weight 254 lbs. Payload with fuel 250 lbs. Cruise speed 58 mph and stall speed 26 mph. Climb rate 750 fpm. Carlson Aircraft, Inc. E. Palestine, OH 44413.





Spilo. (Russia). Single-seat, high-wing monoplane. 35 hp pusher engine. Tricycle landing gear. Length 17.6’, wing span 28.6’ and wing area 122.2 sq/ft. Empty weight 389 lbs and gross weight 589 lbs. Top speed 62 mph and stall speed 37 mph. Rate of climb 600 fpm. Wing and tail of tubing and fabric. Fuselage of tubing. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/spilo_ultralight_aircraft.php.




Spitfire. (U.S. 1983). Designed by Fred Bell and related to the Sidewinder. Rigid high-wing wing, strut braced with double surface. 3-axis control. Wing span 30’, wing area 154 sq/ft., length 17’10”, height 7.6’. Empty weight 252 lbs. Structural limits +9 Gs and -6 Gs. Glide ratio 8:1. World Ultralite Industries.




Sport Parasol. Wood and fabric construction. Wings are detachable. Length 18.5', Wing span 25.5', Wing area 114 sq/ft. 50 hp Rotax 503. Cruise speed 70 mph and stall speed 22 mph. Climb rate 750 fpm. Empty weight 252 lbs. Estimated build time 350 hrs. Loehle Aircraft Corp, 380 Shipmans Creek Rd., No K, Wartrace TN 37183, 615-857-3419. Updated version called Rag-A-Muffin.

Before                                                                                       After


Spratt 103
. The 'Scootair' is a simple control wing design from Europe. Made from plans. Height 6.5', length 13', wing Span 26'3". http://groups.yahoo.com/group/SprattCtrlWng/?yguid=75609453.



SS/Z. Single seat similar to Quicksilver MX except strut braced wing, forward curved tubes for safety and taildragger landing gear. Unconventional 3-axis control with spoileron. Length 18’, height 6.5’, wing span 30’, wing area 130 sq/ft. 38 hp Rotax 377 pusher engine. Empty weight 251 lbs with 249 lb. payload. Load factors +6 Gs and -4 Gs. Cruise speed 43 mph and stalls at 22 mph. Climb rate 680 fpm. Glide ratio 8:1. Air-Tech. Inc. Vacherie, La.


Stallion CX-901. Off shoot of Sunburst with cruciform tail. 3-axis. All terrain landing gear. Command-Aire Aircraft, Little Rock, AK.



Star Flight Tristar. (1980). A Dick Turner designed single seat, pusher engine. The Starfire and Tri-Star were the original designs in 1979. They evolved into the TX1000 Series. Followed by the SC1000 and AC2000 in 1984. Aluminum tube with single surface sailcloth wire braced wing construction. 3-Axis version of the StarFire. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel and tailskid. Cuyuna engine with 20 hp. Cruise speed 45 mph, stall speed 21 mph. Climb rate 800 fpm. Length 15', height 9', wing span 32.5', wing area 165 sq/ft. Empty weight 200 lbs. Structural limits +5.8 Gs and -3 Gs. Glide ratio 7:1. Star Flight Mfg. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/StarFlight-UL/?yguid=75609453.


(No info available).



Stimul-10. (Russia). Single-seat, low wing monoplane. 42 hp pusher engine. Taildragger. Length 15’, wing span 20.3’ and wing area 46.6 sq/ft. Empty weight 255 lbs and gross weight 422 lbs. Top speed 112 mph and stall speed 44 mph. Wing and tail of wood. Fuselage metal. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/stimul10_ultralight_aircraft.php.




Stinger S-17. 4130 steel tubing with aluminum boom tube and tail group. Covering is thermo-retractable sailcloth. Approximate build time 120-250 hrs. Length 17.3', height 7', wing span 29.5', wing area 127 sq/ft. Cruise speed 55 mph, stall speed 27 mph and climb rate 800 fpm. Empty weight 250 lbs. Payload 317 lbs. Rans Co., 4600 Highway 183 Alternate, Hays, KS 67601, 785-625-6346, rans@media-net.net.

Designed by Ray Tolhurst.




Stolaero. (Aus. 1975). A  design by Steve Cohen. 3-Axis control with taildragger gear. Single surface wire braced wing. 30 hp Fuji Robin direct drive engine. Cruise speed 40 mph, stall speed 23 mph and rate of climb 300 fpm. Length 18’, height 8’. Wing span 28’. Succeeded by the ‘Condor’ and ‘Mustang’ and later the ‘Thruster’. Ultralight Aviation Pty Ltd. The picture on the right is courtesy of the Australian Ultralight Museum.  





Stratos. (U.S., 1982). Designed by Larry Burke. Wing span 33’, wing area 166 sq/ft. height 4.5’, length 19’. 35 hp CuyunaR engine. Cruise speed 63 mph, stall speed 27 mph. Climb rate 750 fpm. Glide ratio 8:1. Load factors +6 Gs and -3 Gs. Empty weight 250 lbs. Stratos Aviation.



Stratos. (Aus., 83). High performance ultralight designed by Charles Ligeti. Composite material design. Length 7.9', height 3.1'. Total wing area 76.4 sq/ft. Konig SC430 engine with 26 hp. Cruising speed 106 mph, stall speed 32 mph. Glide ratio 19:1. Empty weight 172 lbs with 207 lbs payload. Load factors +6 Gs and -4 Gs. LGT Aero Nautical.


Striker. (No info available).




Sunbird. Developed by John W. Tucker. Single seat high-wing monoplane with single surface wing. Cable braced wing. Built in safety roll cage. Cuyuna ULII-02 35 hp tractor engine. Cruise speed 40 mph, stall speed 20 mph. Climb rate 450 fpm. Tail dragger landing gear. Fiberglass seat tank. Empty weigh 250 lbs. Payload 275 lbs. Wing span 30’, wing area 150 sq/ft. Height 8’, length 16’. Load factors +3 Gs and -3 Gs. 7:1 glide ratio. Phoenix Development Inc.




Sunburst. Single-seat, high-wing, monoplane with pusher engine and inverted V-tail designed by John Massey. Aluminum tube and sailcloth construction. 3-Axis controls with spoilers and ruddervators. 90% double surface, wire braced wing. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. 30 hp. 430RR Cuyuna engine. Breaks down to fit in a storage bag. Length 16', height 9', wing span 36', wing area 159 sq/ft. Cruising speed 35 mph, stalling speed 25 mph, climb rate 800 ft/min. 10:1 glide ratio. Empty weight 253 lbs. Estimated 30 hr. construction time. Airmass Inc.



Sundowner Convertible. (1983). Designed by Bob Leinen. High-wing monoplane with optional zippered enclosure. Tractor engine and enclosed cockpit. Taildragger with steerable tail wheel. Wing span 30.5’, wing area 146 sq/ft. Empty weight 248 lbs. Payload 252 lbs. Load factors +6 Gs and -4 Gs. Glide ratio 7.5:1. Ultra-Fab.




Sun Fun VJ-24W. (1977). Single seat, single tractor engine high wing monoplane. Wood, tube and fabric construction. Approximately 300 hrs build time. 3-Axis controls. Double surface, strut braced wing, Taildragger with steerable tailwheel. Length 18.5', height 5’ 7”, wing span 36', wing area 160 sq/ft. Empty weight 165 lbs. Payload 180 lbs. 15 hp Yamaha tractor engine. Cruise speed 28 mph and stall speed 15 mph. Glide ratio 9:1. Load factors +2. Plans only. Volmer Aircraft, Box 5222, Glendale, CA 91201, 818-247-8718.


Sunny Ultralight.
Designed by Dieter Schulz.



Sunray. (1983). High gull-wing amphibian monoplane with canard and rear twin rudders. 35 hp Kawasaki TA 440 pusher engine. Tricycle landing gear. Length 13’4”. Wing span 32’, wing area 130 sq/ft. Empty weight 250 lbs. Payload 260 lbs. Load factors +6 Gs and -6 Gs. Glide ratio 14:1. Sun Aerospace Corp, Nappanee, In.



This is a 1985 Ultralight with 28 hp Rotax 277. Stall speed 25 mph. 600 fpm climb rate. Tricycle landing gear. 28 hp Rotax 277 pusher engine. Length 18’, wing span 29’4”, wing area 118 sq/ft. Empty weight 254 lbs. Payload 281 lbs. Load factors +6 Gs and -6 Gs. Glide ratio 12:1. Professional Technologies.  




Swallow A.  Designed by Chet Fudge. Single-seat, high-wing, monoplane with tractor engine. Aluminum tube and sailcloth construction. 3-Axis controls. Double surface, wire braced wing. Tricycle landing gear with optional steerable nosewheel. 27 hp Rotax 277 engine. Length 18', height 8', wing span 34.4' ,wing area 138 sq/ft. Structural limits +4 Gs and -3 Gs. Glide ratio 8:1. Empty weight 253 lbs. Swallow B shown below. Swallow Aeroplane Co.