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Sadler Vampire. The first aircraft Mr. Sadler produced was the all metal (aluminum) Sadler Vampire Ultralight: a 247-pound single-seater with a 30' wingspan stressed to +/- 6 G's.  Length 17’6”, Height 4’6”, wing span 28’, wing area 116 sq/ft. 20 hp Solo 210 cc pusher engine. Cruise speed 63 mph, stall speed 25 mph. Glide ratio 14:1. A visitor to this site from Australia submitted the following picture and stated that these are still being built and sold in Australia. www.sadlervampire.com.




Sandpiper ULS. Designed by R.N. Miller and introduced in 1983. Original wing covered by balloon-type heat shrink fabric. Approximate build time is 120 hrs. Length 18', height 7.5', wing span 26.5', wing area 148.9 sq/ft. Structural limits are +6 Gs and -4 Gs. Empty weight 254 lbs. Sandpiper Aircraft, 23115 Airport Rd. NE, Bldg B, Box 4, Aurora OR 97002, 503-678-2227.



Sapphire. (Aus) By Scott Winton. Originally powered by Rotax 277. Earlier version had open cockpit. Composite construction of glass-fibre, foam and aluminum airframe. Length 16', height 4'. Wing span 29' and wing area 100 sq/ft. 35 hp Rotax 377 engine. Empty weight 310 lbs. Payload 240 lbs. Load factors +4.0 Gs and -2.0 Gs. Cruise speed 80 mph and stall speed 33 mph. Facet Aircraft. You may notice another aircraft behind the pink Sapphire. According to Arthur Armour it is called 'Snoopy'. Arthur is the pilot in this picture.


Saulnier. (No info available).



Sauterelle EMC2 (Belgium). Similar to Weedhopper except a 3-Axis controllable monoplane. Wing span 27’10 ½”, Wing area 163.6 sq/ft. Empty weight 242 lbs.



Scamp. The Scamp was designed by H.L.Woods for amateur construction. Intended for grass strip operation, the all metal tricycle undercarriage aircraft is stressed to +6Gs and -3Gs for limited aerobatics. Powered by a VW engine, the prototype was first flown on August 21, 1973. Length 14’, height 5.5’, wing span 17.5’, wing area 105 sq/ft. Distributed from North Carolina, the aircraft has subsequently been built from plans or kits worldwide.




Scheibe ULI. (W.Ger, 1982). A Egon Scheibe designed single-seat, high-wing monoplane with 3-Axis control. Uses welded steel tubes for airframe. Length 18’, wing span  31.8’, wing area 140 sq/ft. Empty weight 221 lbs. Payload 231 lbs. Structural loadings +6 Gs and -3 Gs. Glide ratio 9:1. Scheibe Flugzeugbau GmbH.


Schneider S.M.5.
(Ger., 1937). Very early ultralight. Length 6 m, height 1.7m. Wing span 10.5 m and wing area 12.48 m2. Empty weight 180 kg and takeoff weight 285 kg. 22 hp ILO engine. Max. speed 100 km/h and landing speed 60 km/h.



Scorpion. (1982). Designed by Craig Cozza and Mark Scholl. All metal fuselage, wings and empennage. Cuyuna 215 cc tractor engine with 20 hp. Cruise speed 50 mph. Wing span 40’. Empty weight 235 lbs.




Scorpion. (Brit.). Designed by Mike Smith. Unfortunately, this aircraft was grounded for poor standards of engineering. (Jane’s  83-84, p. 637). Southern Aero Sports.



Scoutchel. (French). A derivative of the Demoichelle. Three Axis with no ailerons. 377 Rotax engine. NACA 23112 wing profile. Cruise speed 90 km/h with a stall speed of 40 km/h. Empty weight 120 kg, wing span 8.30 m, and wing area 9.96 m2. Plans built in 300 hrs. http://www.pouchel.com/english/index_eng.php?p=chels_eng.html.




Scout Mk2. (Aus. 76). Mk1 first flew in 1974. First commercially successful ultralight designed by Ron G. Wheeler. Single seater with aluminum tube and sailcloth construction. 2-Axis controls. Taildragger with steerable tailwheel. Single surface, wire braced wing. Length 17.1', height 6.2', wing span 28.8', wing area 109 sq/ft. Pixie Major 14 hp engine. Empty weight 122 lbs. Payload 180 lbs. Structural limits +3 Gs and -3 Gs. Glide ratio 7:1. Skycraft PTY Ltd. Carlton NSW. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XwLt5f2wRe0.


Scrambler. (No info available). Was displayed at an 1973 EAA annual meet at Oshkosh, WI.


SFAN II. (No info available).



Shadow.  High-wing open cockpit monoplane with double surface wing. 3-Axis control. Tricycle landing gear. Wing span 32’, wing area 160 sq/ft. Empty weight 251 lbs. First Class Aircraft.




Sherpa I. (Swiss, 1982). Designed by Hans Gigax and built upon the Microstar. Built with a large frame so it can be either a single-seater or twin-seater by Ikarus of W. Germany. Length 16.2’, height 9.3’,wing span 34.4’, wing area 169 sq/ft. 22hp Hirth 263R engine. Empty weight 221 lbs. Structural loads +6Gs and  -3Gs. Glide ratio 7:1.   




Silken BeeII. (China). Stall speed 31 mph, rate of climb 300 fpm and top speed 50 mph. Wing span 32.83 ft. Wing area 166 sq/ft. Length 19.66 ft. Height 8.5 ft.




Simple Simon.  (U.S.). Team effort of Mathews-Neutzman-Turner with emphasis on simplicity of construction. Three axis with Rotax 277 tractor engine. Lyle Mathews Aircraft, Mesa, AZ. 




Sirocco. (Fr., 1982). Designed by Francois Goethals and Bernard d’Otreppe. Length 19’, height 8.9’, wing span 33.2’,  wing area 151 sq/ft. Empty weight 232 lbs. Structural limits +6.7 Gs and –3.6 Gs.  12:1 glide ratio. Aviasud Engineering.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ykbzYvA2xW8.




Skeeter FP-505. Single seat, high-wing monoplane. Length 16.5’, height 5’ 8”, wing span 28’, wing area 112 sq/ft. Empty weight 245 lbs. Geodesic construction. Structural limits +4.6 Gs and -2.3 Gs. Glide ratio 9:1. Fisher Products.




Skybaby. (83). Single seat, pusher aircraft. Wood, tube and fabric construction. Double surface, wire braced wing. Taildragger with steerable tailwheel. Length 17', height 6', wing span 32', wing area 128 sq/ft. 12 hp McCulloch 101-B engine. Cruise speed 35 mph and stall speed 22mph. Rate of climb 225 fpm. Empty weight 155 lbs. Payload 205 lbs. Structural limits +5 Gs and -3 Gs. 9:1 glide ratio. Skyhigh Ultralights Inc. (Jane’s 85-86, p. 708).


Skybolt. (No info available).



Skycycle.  (1984). Designed by Robert Dart. Single seat, parasol-wing monoplane.  3-axis control. Gypsy model more open air. Empty weight 228 lbs. Wing span 31.7’. Length 19.3’, height 6.5’, wing span 31.7’, wing area 153 sq/ft. 20 hp Zenoah engine. Empty weight 254 lbs. Payload 200 lbs. Load factors +3.5 Gs and -2 Gs. Cruise speed  40 mph, stall speed 27 mph. Climb rate 500 fpm. Glide ratio 10:1. R.D. Aircraft. (Jane’s 85-86, p 705).




Skylark. (Canada, 84). Designed by Ron Lang. Aluminum alloy with glassfibre cockpit fairings. Wing with Ceconite 7600 covering. 3-Axis control. Tricycle landing gear. 28 hp Konig engine. Cruise 50 mph. Wing span 36’, wing area 178 sq/ft. Length 18’. Empty weight 284 lbs. Structural limits +5 Gs and – 2.5 Gs. Available in kit and required 100-200 hrs for construction. (Upgraded Australian version below). Airtech Canada. J85-86,p643.



Skylite. Started in 1988 by Ed Fisher. It debuted to the public at Oshkosh 1991. An open cockpit tail-dragger. The Skylite design prototyped Ed Fisher's wing rib attached cup and rib angle construction for lightweight wing design. Wing span 29.2', wing area 117 sq/ft and length 17.6'. Empty weight 245 and payload of 250 lbs. 28 hp Rotax 277 tractor engine. Cruise speed 45 mph, stall speed 27 mph and rate of climb 400 fpm. Build time 750 hrs.

Raceair Designs, 4387 Sunnybrook Dr., Warren, Ohio 44484, 330-856-7520, Raceairdesigns@aol.com.




Skypup. (U.S., 1980). An early ultralight design by Steven K. Wood and available as plans from Lafe Wood at
6790 Reeder Mesa Rd., Whitewater, CO. First flown in 1982. Length 15'11", height 4'4", Wingspan 31'. Wing area 130 sq/ft. Empty weight 200 lbs, payload 200 lbs. Load factors +6 Gs and -3 Gs. Glide ratio 10:1. Excellent website dedicated to the Skypup at www.machnone.com. Two other resources recommended by Carl Conrad are http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Skypup-club and http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Skypuppery.



SkyRaider S/S. High dihedral monoplane. Kawasaki 40hp. Wing span 32’, wing area 160 sq/ft. Empty weight 253 lbs. Cruise speed 40 mph, stall speed 19 mph. Worldwide Ultralite




Skyrider. Swing seat hybrid monoplane. Wing span 32’, wing area 160 sq/ft. Cuyuna 430R pusher engine. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. Empty weight 155 lbs. Payload 265 lbs. Aero Tech Aviation, Goderich, Ont.,Canada.



Sky Rider. (Aus, 77). Designed by Gary Kimberley and sold by plans. 3-Axis with flaps. Single seat wire braced high-wing monoplane with aluminum tubing fuselage and single surface Dacron sailcloth wing. Folds up for storage. 12 hp McCulloch 101 tractor engine. Cruise at 40 mph and stalls at 20 mph. Climb rate 150 fpm. Wing span 32’4”. Wing area 144 sq/ft. Length 18’, height 7’ 10”. Wing loading 1.8 psf. Empty weight 210 lbs. Load factors +3 Gs and -1 Gs. Kimberley, NSW. (Jane’s 81-82, p. 606).




Skyseeker MK III. (Can. 81). Single seater with pusher engine. Aluminum tube and Dacron sailcloth construction. Originally, the Mk1 was a hybrid control vehicle and MkII was a dual seat version. The MkIII is 3-Axis control. Single surface, wire braced wing. Taildragger landing gear with steerable tailwheel. 28 hp Rotax 277. Cruising speed 30-35 mph. Stall speed 16-17 mph. Rate of climb 250-350 fpm. Length 12’, Height 9', wing span 32' wing area 160 sq/ft. Wing loading 2.7 psf. Empty weight 245 lbs. Structural limits +4 Gs and -2 Gs. 6:1 glide ratio. Skye Treck. Manitoba, Canada.




Sky Walker. (U.S., 1983). Designed by Bob Sterner. Single seat, high wing monoplane with cruciform tail. Side mount joystick with rudder pedals. Steerable nosewheel. 3-Axis control with flaps on wings. Tube and Dacron. Length 18’, height 9’, wing span 32’, wing area 140 sq/ft. Empty weight 253 lbs. Payloade 220 lbs. Load factors +5 Gs and -3.5 Gs. Glide ratio 11:1. Sterner Ultracraft.




Snedden M7. (U.S., 2009). Designed by Andrew Snedden and considered the ‘next generation ultralight’. It has full three-axis handlebar control system, inverted V-tail with anti-servo tabs, and four-wheel landing gear with linked ground steering. I observed this aircraft at Airventure 2009 and it takes off like an ‘elevator’. Practically straight up. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/yt-TuMj9yfoMgU/sneddenm7/.




Snoop I. (1981). Designed by Bob Able. Single place with pusher engine akin to Quicksilver MX. Aluminum tube and Dacron sailcloth construction. 3-Axis controls. Single surface, wire braced wing. Tricycle landing gear with non steerable nosewheel and no brakes. 35 hp Cuyuna ULII-02 engine mounted forward with pusher propeller. Stall speed 18 mph. Length 16.2', height 8.6', wing span 33', wing area 165 sq/ft. Empty weight 238 lbs. Payload 280 lbs. Structural limits +6 Gs and -4 Gs. Eastern Ultralights.