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Onishi OSG3. (Japan). Uses 6 model aircraft engines. Single seat monoplane with welded steel fuselage. Wing span 47’ 10 Ύ”, wing area 185 sq/ft., Length 21’ 4”, height 5’ 3”. Empty weight 143 lbs. (Jane’s 77-78, p. 501).




Onyx CP-150. Designed by Claude Piel in 1981 and first flown in Spring, 1983. Single seat, pusher engine with canard wing. Wood and fabric construction. Fixed tricycle landing gear. Length 11'7", wing span 24', wing area 138 sq/ft. Empty weight 243 lbs. Solo 12 hp engine. Load factors +4 Gs and -2 Gs. Plans available from S. Littner, 432 Hamel, St-Eustache, Quebec, Canada J7P 4M3. 450-974-7001.



OpteryX MXIII. (U.S., 1982). Single-seat, high-wing with canard. Similar to Ptraveler and Phoenix. 3-Axis control. 430 Cuyuna Twin 30 hp engine. Optery X Engineering Ltd.



P-38 Lightning. Single-seat, pusher engine. Designed by Jim Mead. Twin boom fuselages. Mid wing monoplane. Wood, tube and fabric construction. 3-Axis controls. Double surface, strut braced wing. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. Length 17', height 5', wing span 28', wing area 120 sq/ft. Cruise speed 50 mph, stall speed 30 mph and rate of climb 300 fpm with 250 cc engine. Structural limits +4 Gs and -4 Gs. Glide ratio 7:1. Empty weight 220 lbs. Mitchell Aircraft Corp.



Papillon. Designed by D. Paup in the mid 1980’s. Has increased dihedral on the outer wings and a V-tail. 2-Axis controls. 22 hp Polaris snowmobile engine. Taildragger landing gear. Wing span 35’6”. Empty weight 189 lbs. Cruise speed 30 mph and stalls at approximately 24 mph.

Pathfinder Mk 1. (Brit, 1982). Designed by Steve Hunt. Single-seat, high-wing, monoplane with 3-Axis control. King post and cable wing support. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel and additional tailwheel. 35 hp Fuji Robin pusher engine.  Cruise speed 55 mph, stall speed 25 mph and rate of climb 500 fpm. Length 23’, height 19’, wing span 32’, wing area 160 sq/ft. Empty weight 275 lbs. Huntair.





P-Craft. (1982). Single seat pusher engine aircraft designed by D. Paup. 2-Axis controls system. Double surface, strut braced wing with taildragger landing gear. Steerable tailwheel. Wing span 32.5', wing area 132 sq/ft. Empty weight 165 lbs. Payload 237 lbs. Paup Aircraft.



PDQ-2. (U.S., 5/73). The PDQ-2 was designed by Wayne Ison who later designed the TEAM Minimax. Length 14’6", height 4’0", wingspan 18.6, wing area 64.75 sq/ft. Empty weight 218 lbs. Engine: Rockwell JLO-LB-600-2 later upgraded to a VW. Sirius Aviation.


Pea Pod. (U.S., 1963). Designed and built by Terrence O'neill. Pilot lies in prone position. Wing span 8', length 9'. Payload 220 lbs. Cruise speed 115 mph, landing speed 55 mph. Never actually flown. Would not meet FAR 103 requirements. 




Pee Wee. Ultralight design using Princeton Sailwing from EAA. Designed by Harry Zeisloft and Dennis Harbin. Single-seat, biplane with tractor engine. Empty weight 220 lbs. Length 14’6”, Wing span 20’. General opinion is this aircraft did not get past taxi tests. Experimental Aircraft Assoc.





Pegas. (Russia). Single-seat, high wing, monoplane with canard. 22 hp pusher engine. Length 15.6’, wing span 18.6’. Empty weight 253 lbs with gross weight of 450 lbs. Stall speed 37.5 mph. Wing, fuselage and tail composite. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/pegas_ultralight_aircraft.php.




Pegasus. Hybrid designed by John Woods. Similar to Eagle. Length 15.4’, height 9.9’, wing span 35.2’, wing area 182 sq/ft. Empty weight 203 lbs. Payload 300 lbs. Load factors +6 Gs and -2 Gs. Glide ratio 7:1. Those Flying Machines, Gardena Ca.




Pelican. Single-seat, tractor engine with enclosed cabin. Composite, tube and fabric construction. 3-Axis controls. Double surface, strut braced wing. Taildragger with steerable tailwheel. Length 14', height 6', wing span 37', wing area 140 sq/ft. Empty weight 210 lbs. Structural limits +6.6 Gs and -3.3 Gs. 13:1 glide ratio. Ultravia. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Le_Pelican_UL/?yguid=75609453.


Penetrater. (1985). Kit with approximate 40 hr build time. Cousin to the Invader. Cantilever low-wing monoplane. Mylar double surface wing with ruddervators. 3-Axis control. Tricycle landing gear. Tractor Zenoah G25B engine. Pilot flies prone. Wing span
24’, wing area 108 sq/ft. Length 16’, Height 6’. Empty weight 175 lbs. Cruise speed 60 mph and stall speed 24 mph. Structural limits +6 Gs and -6 Gs. Glide ratio 14:1. Ultra Efficient Products, Sarasota Fl 33577.  (Jane’s 86-87, P. 727).




Petit Breezy. Designed by Lyle Matthews as a high-wing monoplane with standard tail. Tricycle landing gear. Length 17’, height 5.3’. Wing span 30’, wing area 132 sq/ft. Empty weight 246 lbs. Payload 289 lbs. Glide ratio 6:1. Plans only. Approx. build time 200-300 hrs. Petit, Mesa, Az.




Phantom X1. The Phantom was designed by John Dempsey and was originally available from Ultralight Flight Sales and Distribution of North Carolina. Length 16'9", height 7'3", wing span 28'6", wing area 142 sq/ft. 40 hp Rotax 447 engine. Cruise speed 55 mph and stall speed 26 mph. Climb rate 600 fpm. Structural limits are +9 Gs and -6 Gs. Estimated build time 100 hrs. Phantom Aircraft Company, Kalamazoo, Michigan.




Phoenix. (No info available).



Phoenix 103. (U.S.). This is an example of parallel evolution in aircraft design. Mark Klotz was president of Aeroworks, the manufacturer of the Aerolite 103 when there was a change of ownership. He liked Terry’s design but thought improvements were warranted. Little by little he began producing his own evolved version of the Aerolite 103 he called the Phoenix 103. He displayed two Phoenix 103s at AirVenture 2010. One was powered by a 45-hp MZ-201 engine, and the other airframe featured a 50-hp Hirth F-23 engine. The Phoenix 103 can make the ultralight weight limit with either engine. The kit is available with a variety of other engines including the Rotax 447. The complete kit with a build time of 80 to 100 hours is $15,299 with the 50-hp Hirth. It has flaps, a four-point restraint system, and a yoke control. Wings of Freedom LLC. 330-534-5548. e-mail contact@wingsoffreedomaviation.com.


Phoenix M2 Utka. (Russia). Single-seat, high wing, monoplane with canard. 35 hp pusher engine. Tricycle landing gear. Wing span 26.4’, wing area 87.2 sq/ft. Empty weight 295 lbs and gross weight 466 lbs. Stall speed 40 mph. Wing and tail of tubing and fabric. Fuselage of tubing. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/phoenix_m2_utka_ultralight_aircraft.php.




Pinocchio. Resembles Fokker Eindecker from WWI. Conventional 3-Axis controls with double surface full-span aileron wing. Estimated build time 750 hrs. Length 16.5', height 5.5', wing span 25.6', wing area 115 sq/ft. 45 hp 1/2 /VW engine. Cruise speed 55 mph and stall speed 27 mph. Climb Rate 750 fpm. Empty weight 254 lbs. Pop's Props, RR1, Box 98, Cooksville, IL 61730, 309-725-3237, popsprop@frontiernet.net.



Pipistrelle P2B. (Fr., 81). Designed by Robert Jacquet with composite materials. Single-seat, high-wing, monoplane with pusher engine. 3-Axis control. Strut braced wing with V-tail. Tail dragger landing gear with steerable tailwheel. Length 16.5’, height 5.7’, wing span 36.7’, wing area 146 sq/ft. Empty weight 254 lbs. Structural load +6 Gs and -3 Gs. Glide ratio 14:1. Aero-Structure, St. Loubes, France.




Pioneer FlightStar. (1983). Originally FD-2. Preceded by two unsuccessful prototypes, the FD-1 and the 440ST. It went from a pusher to a tractor engine configuration. Strut braced hi-wing monoplane. Aluminum alloy and double surface Dacron wing and tail covering with stainless steel cables. 3-Axis control with tricycle landing gear. Steerable nosewheel. 38 hp Kawasaki TA 440A engine. Cruise speed approx. 50 mph. Stalls at approx. 25 mph. Structural limits are +6 Gs and -4 Gs. Wing span 30’, wing area 144 sq/ft. Length 16.5’, height 7.5’. Glide ratio 7:1. Estimated 80 hrs. assembly time. Empty weight 247 lbs. Payload 253 lbs. Pioneer International Aircraft Inc. Manchester, Connecticut. See also Flightstar, P.O. Box 760, Elington, CT 06029, 860-875-8185. (Jane’s 83-84, p670).



Pneumowing. Rubberized inflatable aircraft. (No other info available).



Poorboy PB-1. Single-seat, high-wing, monoplane. Wingspan 25’, wing area 125 sq/ft. Length 20.5’, height 6’. Empty weight 254 lbs. Build time 450 hrs. Plans only. Poor Boy Aviation, Minot, ND, 701-833-8029. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/poorboy/?yguid=75609453.   




Pouchel Basic. This is a very basic flying flea type aircraft. Mainly constructed with three aluminum ladders. 25 hp Hirth F33 tractor engine. APEV, http://www.pouduciel.com/.




Pouchel Scout. (No info available).




Pouplume EAC-3. (France, 1961). Designed by Emilien Croses in 1947 as 2-axis, control-wing tandem biplane. Fixed rear wing and pivoted forward wing. Spruce fuselage. 10.5 HP Moto 232cc two stroke motorcycle engine. EAC-3 First flew in 1961. 600 hr. build time. Wing span (forward wing) 25’ 7”, Span (rear wing) 23’. Gross wing area 172 sq/ft., Length 15’3”, height 5’11”, Empty weight 243 lbs. (In Jane’s Aircraft of the World, 76-77, p. 463).


(Fr., 83). No info available.



Primoretz. (Russia). Single-seat, high wing, monoplane. Taildragger. Length 15’, wing span 30.6’, and wing area 133.3 sq/ft. Empty weight 275 lbs and gross weight 460 lbs. Top speed 50 mph and stall speed 34 mph. Rate of climb 300 fpm. Wing and tail of tubing and fabric. Fuselage constructed of tubing. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/primoretz_ultralight_aircraft.php.




Ptenetz. (Russia). Single-seat, high wing monoplane. Tricycle landing gear. Cable braced wing with kingpost. Length 18.4’, wing span 28.6’, wing area 114.4 sq/ft. Empty weight 184 lbs and gross weight 346 lbs. Top speed 72 mph and stall speed 28 mph. Climb rate 700 fpm. Wing and tail constructed of tubing and fabric. Fuselage of tubing. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/ptenetz_ultralight_aircraft.php.



Pul-9. (Ger., 90). Created from Dr. Horten's calculations. Length 11.19', height 4.66'. Wing span 29.5' and wing area 120.5 sq/ft. Empty weight 379 lbs. Useful load 216 lbs. 54 hp Rotax 582 engine. Cruise speed 86 kts and stall speed 27 kts. Nurflugel.





P.U.P. (Perfect Ultralight Plane).  Single-seat, biplane with 3-Axis control. Designed in 1983 by Lyle Matthews and only sold as plans. Lower wing has shorter span. Built around a single piece of 2x3 “ rectangular aluminum tubing. Wing span 32', wing area 160 s/ft. Dacron covered wings. Tractor Kawasaki 440 engine. Cruise speed 40 mph, stall speed 28 mph. Climb rate 600 fpm. Wing span 24’, wing area 143 sq/ft. Empty weight 248 lbs. Matthews, Mesa Arizona.