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Mach 1. (Fr., 84). No info available.

 Macro.  (Aus. 84). Single seat, low-wing monoplane with 3-axis control. Designed by Alan Clarke as an all aluminum alloy monocoque aircraft. 18 hp Fuji Robin tractor engine. Length 13’, height 3’ Wing span 23’, wing area 64 sq/ft. Empty weight 198 lbs. Payload 202 lbs. Load factors +6 Gs and -6 Gs. Glide ratio 12:1. Elite Aircraft.

 Mac Ultralight. Mattison Aircraft Company of Perry, Kansas offers 3 designs of ultralight aircraft. All three models are high wing monoplane designs with single surface Dacron wings and 6061 T6 tubing airframes. Wing span 34' and wing area 170 sq/ft. 10-15 hour kit assembly time with a 15-30 minute fold up or down time. A pusher configuration with overhead mounting allows folding of the aircraft without removal of the engine pack. Mattison Aircraft Co. 

 Mahaonas. (Russia). Single-seat, high wing monoplane. 15 hp pusher engine. Tricycle landing gear. Length 16.3’, wing span 24.6’, wing area 90.5 sq/ft. Empty weight 190 lbs with gross weight 369 lbs. Top speed 68 mph and stall speed 34 mph. Rate of climb 400 fpm. Wing made of composite. Tail of tubing and fabric and fuselage made of tubing. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/mahaonas_ultralight_aircraft.php.


Mangana. (No information available).

Mansheng. (China.) Made by a farmer. Apparently it flies.


 Manta FX3. Single seater, pusher engine flying wing designed by Bill Armour. Essentially a Fledge III hang glider with a trike unit installed. Aluminum tube and sailcloth construction. Hybrid control system. Double surface sweepback wing with wire bracing. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. Length 10', height 6', wing span 32.5', wing area 157 sq/ft. Empty weight 190 lbs. Manta Products.










 Mariah T-100A. Designed by Eugene L. ‘Gene’ Turner. Composed of Spruce, D. Fir and aircraft grade plywood. Wing span 32’. Length 17’. Empty weight 251 lbs. Load factors are +3.8 Gs and -2 Gs. 500-800 hrs. build time. Adams Aeronautics Co. Inc., Dallas, Georgia. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/T-100_Mariah_Club/?yguid=75609453. (Janes 83-84, p680).

 Masschelein. (No info available).

 Meadowlark. (1984). Single seat, tractor engine designed by Jim Higgs. Aluminum and composite construction. 3-Axis controls. Double surface, strut braced wing. Length 19', height 7.3', wing span 35', wing area 136 sq/ft. Empty weight 251 lbs. Structural limits +3.8 Gs and -1.5 Gs. 8:1 glide ratio. Meadowlark Ultralight Corp.


 Micro Biplane. (Brit, 1981).  Micro Bipe designed by Tom Wright. Single seat biplane with 3-Axis controls. Cable and strut braced double surfaced wings. Tricycle landing gear with rear tailwheel. Aluminum tubing for framework. Developed into the Super Tiger Cub 440 as a manufactured bi-plane with a Robins 440 engine. Length 13’, height 5’, wingspan 18’, wing area 108 sq/ft. Powered by Robin EC25PS engine. Empty weight 165 lbs. +6Gs and -4Gs. Micro Biplane Aviation. (Jane’s 82-83, p. 636).


 Microstar. (Swiss, 1981).  Designed by Max Gigax as a single-seat, high-wing monoplane with 3-axis control system. Wire braced wing. Tricycle landing gear with tailskid and steerable nosewheel. Aluminum tube framework. Tractor engine.  Length 17.1’, wing span 33.6’, wing area 145 sq/ft. Empty weight 154 lbs. Structural loadings at +6 Gs and -3 Gs. Hans Gigax.


Mifeng-2. (Honeybee-2)(China). Strut braced, single surface semi-rigid wing. Two Axis control with pusher engine. Wing span 32’9 Ύ”, Length 16’ 2”. Empty weight 220 lbs. (Jane’s Aircraft 83-84, p. 637).

Milan. No info available.

Mini-Max 1100R. Open cockpit with mid-wing design. Length 15.5', wing span 25', wing area 112 sq/ft. Empty weight 237 lbs. Team, Inc. 10790 Ivy Bluff Rd., Bradyville, TN 37026, 615-765-5397.

 Mirage. A single seat, tractor engine design by Frank Riley. Aluminum tube and sailcloth construction. 3-Axis controls. Double surface, wire braced wing. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. Length 19.5', height 8.6', wing span 32', wing area 144 sq/ft. Empty weight 246 lbs. Payload 254 lbs. Structural limits +5.6 Gs and -2.8 Gs. 8:1 glide ratio. Ultralight Flight Inc.

 Mistral BA83. (Ger. 9/83). Designed by Ikarusflug Bodensee. Single seat, high wing monoplane. Double surface Dacron covered wings. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel.  28 hp Konig SD 570 pusher engine. Wing span 30’10”, Length 19’3”, Height 8’6”, Wing area 149.6 sq/ft. Empty weight 251 lbs. Cruise speed 37 to 53 mph. Stall speed 28 mph. Glide ratio 9:1. Structural limits are +6 Gs and -3 Gs. Biner Aviatik GmbH. (Jane’s 86-87, p 594).

 Mitchell Wing A-10. Powered glider with cantilevered wing. Late 70's innovation. Sheet aluminum wing covering. Glide ratio 16:1. Pitch sensitive. Empty weight 270 lbs. Length 9', height 7.3', wing span 34.4', wing area 156 sq/ft. Structural limits +4 Gs and -2.3 Gs. Higher Planes, Box 4, Dover, KS 66420, 913-256-6029.

 Mizet IV. (Japan). Designed by Keiichi Abe and built by students at Technical High school. First flew 1982. High wing wire braced monoplane. 3-Axis control. Aluminum alloy fuselage. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. 35 hp Suzuki RM 250 cc.  Cruises at 43 mph and stalls at 24 mph. Wing span 26’ 3”, Wing area 85 sq/ft., Height 5’ 11“. Empty weight 253 lbs. JEAA. (Jane’s 76-77, p. 475).

 ML 1. (Utility Aircraft, Inflatable wing). (Brit). In 1955 ML Aviation designed and produced a portable flying machine that was given the serial number XK776. The aircraft featured an inflatable rubberized fabric wing and quick release fittings enabling the aircraft to be rigged and de-rigged fairly quickly. The flight characteristics were unusually slow. M. L. Aviation Co.


 Model T. High-wing monoplane with single surface wing. 3-axis control with spoilers. Aluminum tube construction. Tricycle landing gear. Wing span 30’, wing area 160 sq/ft. Empty weight 210 lbs. Worldwide Ultralite Industries.

Mohawk. (U.S., 82). Designed by Bobby Baker as a twin engined, high wing, single seat ultralight airplane. Three axis control with strut braced wings and twin booms. Aluminum, foam and fibre glass construction. X model was single engined. Length 16.3' and height 6.8'. Wing span 30' and wing area 130 sq/ft.  Two 20 hp Cuyuna 215R pusher engines. Empty weight 240 lbs. Payload 310 lbs. Cruise speed 50 mph and stall speed 22 mph. Climb rate 500 ft/min. Warpath Aviation.

 Mono-Fly. Pusher engine. 3-Axis control. Aluminum, steel and composite construction. Double surface, strut braced wing. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. Structural limits +10 Gs and -10 Gs. Length 17.2 ft, height 6.6', wing span 30.8', wing area 124 sq/ft. 18 hp Onan 4 stroke pusher engine. Cruise speed 45 mph and stall speed 20 mph with rate of climb 400 fpm. Empty weight 250 lbs. The successor to the BIFLY and the SUPERFLY, The MONOFLY was Bob Teman's most successful design in the early 80's with a unique single tubular spar and was known for its toughness. Build time 300 hrs. Teman Aircraft Inc.

Monoplane. (1910). Designed by Vinet. No other info available.

Morgan S-2 Sport. (No info available).

 Mosquito MKII. Strut braced 31’ wings with wing area of 171 sq/ft. Empty weight 170 lbs. 30 hp Cuyuna 430D tractor engine. 700 fpm rate of climb. Future Aircraft Corporation, Canoga Park, CA.

Mosquito RV.III. (Fr., 1909). Designed and built by Raoul Vendome. Has a 15 hp Anzani engine.

 Motor Bipe RW9.  (U.S., 1995). Designed by Roger Mann. Tractor engine bi-plane. Length 16’, height 5.5', wing span 18’, wing area 1300 sq/ft. 35 hp 2SI engine. Cruise speed 60 mph and stall speed 26 mph. Climb rate 750 fpm. Empty weight 225 lbs. Payload 300 lbs. Estimated build time 175 hrs. Ragwing Aviation.

Motte B2/B3. The 'Motte' (Moth) was designed by Michael Platzer. Single seat, high wing with tailwheel. Rotax 462 engine. As a kit required 600-800 hrs for construction. (B2 on left and Markus on right.).


 Mr. Easy. Pusher bi-plane designed by Lyle Mathew and Associates. Wing span 24’, wing area 145 sq/ft. 42 hp Rotax 447 pusher engine. Cruise speed 50 mph and stall speed 28 mph. Climb Rate 800 fpm. Empty weight 250 lbs. Payload 205 lbs. Estimated build time 250 hrs. Vintage Ultralight Assoc.

 Murphy’s JDM-8. (U.S.). An aluminum semi-monocoque fuselage, aluminum spars, wing ribs, and aluminum tube construction used in the tail section. The wings fold upwards for storage. Building time is approximately 500 to 700 hours. Wingspan 24’, wing area 120 sq/ft. Structural limits +5.7 Gs and –2.7 Gs. Empty weight 254 lbs. (No pic available).

Mustang (Aus.). According to Arthur Armour it is similar to the Steve Cohen's Condor. This aircraft evolved into a tapered wing aircraft and was called the 'Jeep'. The picture on the right is courtesy of the Australia Ultralight Museum.


 MW4. (Brit., 1982). Designed by an expatriate group from British Aerospace led by Mike Whittaker. Wings, tail and ailerons built using aluminum alloy, glass fibre and plywood with Ceconite covering. Length 15’, height 6.8’, wing span 26’, wing area 110 sq/ft. Empty weight 220 lbs. Load factors +5.7 Gs and -2.3 Gs. 8:1 glide ratio. MW5 is more basic version. Whittaker.

 Neukom An-20M. (Swiss, 1978). Designed by Albert Neukom as a single-seat, hi-wing monoplane with tricycle landing gear. T-tail with pusher engine. Wire and strut braced wing. Length 17.7’, height 3.9’, Wing span 41’4”, wing area 108.5 sq/ft. Empty weight 154 lbs. Glide ratio 16:1 (Jane’s 81-82, p. 613).

 Nomad/Honcho. Evolved from Jensen’s VJ series in the early 70’s. Single seat, pusher engine high wing monoplane. Aluminum tube and sailcloth covering. 3-Axis controls. Double surface, strut braced wing. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. Length 18’5”. Wing span (Nomad, 36.1': Honcho 32.2'), wing area (Nomad, 147 sq/ft.: Honcho 131 sq/ft). Empty weight 189 lbs. Build time 120-150 hrs. Delta Sailplane Corp. 



 Nova-1. Designed by Gerald Nelson in 2007. Mid-wing monoplane with Rotax 447 pusher engine. Cruise speed 55 mph and stalls at 25 mph with a climb rate of about 500 fpm. Estimated building time 50 to 60 hours. Length 19’. Wing span 26’, wing area 84 sq/ft. Empty weight 253 lbs. Originally Warp 1-A. Southern Aviation LLC, Panama City, Fl.