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J-3 Kitten. (U.S., 1986). Designed by Jessie Anglin as a junior Cub . It's cousins are the J-4 Sportster (bottom center) and Reliant (bottom right). Hi-wing, strut braced monoplane. Wing span 30', wing area 120', length 16.25', height 5'4". Empty weight 250 lbs.28 hp Rotax 277 tractor engine. Cruise speed 60 mph and stall speed 24 mph. Climb rate is 750 fpm. Estimated build time 350 hrs. Hipp's Superbirds, Inc. Saluda NC 28773.




Jackaroo. (Aus.) Designed by Colin Winton. Empty weight 250 lbs. Winton Aircraft. (pictures per Arthur Armour).





Javelin I. (1996). Conventional 3-Axis control. Strut braced wing with double surface and full span ailerons. Length 18', height 6', wing span 28', wing area 112 sq/ft. Empty weight 240 lbs. 28 hp Rotax 277 engine. Cruise speed 60 mph, stall speed 26 mph. Climb rate 700 fpm. Estimated build time 80 hrs. Structural limits +4 Gs and -2 Gs. Capella Aircraft Corp., 7800-C HWY 71 W, Austin, TX 78735, 512-288-4161, capella@flash.net. http://groups.yahoo.com/group/Javelin_ultralight/?yguid=75609453.



Javelin, FUM. (Aus. 84). Three axis. Designed by Lee Wakelin. Developed from Mustang which was cable braced. Length 16.3'. Wing span 28'. Wing area 138 sq/ft. Rotax 377 engine. Cruise speed 55 mph and stall speed19 mph. Climb rate 800 ft/min. Flight 95 Australia.



JB-1000. High-wing, strut braced monoplane. Pusher engine. Pod-type pilot module. 3-axis controls. Wing span 30’, wing area 150 sq.ft. Empty wight 251 lbs. Leader’s International.



Jodel BEBE. (No info available).




Kasperwing I-80. (1976). Designed by W. Kasper in collaboration with Steve Grossruck. Single-surface high-wing pusher engine motorglider with hybrid control. Wing has swept back leading and trailing edges and no tail. Wing braced by kingpost and cables. Tricycle landing gear. Aluminium-tube framework. Dacron used for covering wing. Length 10’, Height 11’, Wingspan 34’ wing area 180 sq/ft. Empty weight 160 lbs and payload 220 lbs. Structural strength +7 Gs and -4 Gs. 10:1 glide ratio. Cascade Ultralites.   

Kimbrel Butterfly.
(U.S.). No info available.




Klos Monoplane. (Pol., 7/1977). Kazimierz Jarzab, S. Kustron and S. Wopjton designed and built this single seat ultralight aircraft. Single strut braced hi-wing with a Clark Y wing section. No flaps or trim tabs. Taildragger with V-tail. 16 hp modified MZ 250 motorcycle engine. Empty weight 209 lbs., payload 209 lbs. (Jane’s 81-82, p. 498).


Ladybird. (Brit. 1982). 3-Axis with wing warping for roll control and stall speed designed by Mike Campbell-Jones.. Length 18’, height 7.4’, wing span  36.1’, wing area 136 sq/ft. Empty weight 250 lbs. Structural limits +6 Gs and -3 Gs. Glide ratio 13:1. Campbell-Jones.  (Jane’s 83-84, p. 646).


Ladybug. No info available.



Lane Flycycle. A replica of DePischoff Bi-plane of 1924. Dick Lane built this single seat biplane. Braced wings of wood and fabric. Taildragger. Wing span 13’6”, length 12’6”, Height 3’6”. Empty weight 320 lbs. (Jane’s 77-78, p545).


Lark. (Poland). (No info available).

Lazair IV. (1978). Designed and engineered by Dale Kramer. 2-3-Axis controls switchable in flight with taildragger wheels. Double surface wings. Essentially a powered glider. Two Pioneer 6hp engines. Cruise speed 40 mph and stall speed 17 mph with climb rate 300 fpm. Built from riveted aluminum tubes. Wings covered with Tedlar for UV-Ray resistance. Estimated build time of 150 hrs. Empty weight 210 lbs. and payload 220 lbs. Length 14', height 6.3', wing span 36.3', wing area 142 sq/ft. Structural limits +4 Gs and -2 Gs. Glide ratio 13:1. I’ve seen a number of these flying over El Mirage lakebed in S. California. Wind Craft, 8313 East 400 South Rd., Greentown, IN 46936, 317-628-2691.



Legal Eagle. (1999). According to Leonard Milholland, the designer, this airplane features a welded fuselage with an all wood wing. The tail section is an aluminum tube using pop rivets and gussets. Tail-dragger landing gear with Tuffy bicycle wheels. ½ VW tractor engine. Climb rate 300 fpm. Better Half VW, P.O. Box 747, Brookshire, TX 77423, 281-934-8450. Leonard@fbtc.net.


Legal Light.
(U.S., 2003).  3-axis control with tricycle landing gear and full-span ailerons. Wing coverings dope and fabric. 32 hp MZ34 tractor engine with electric starter. Wing span 28', wing area 140 sq/ft. Empty weight 241 lbs. Useful load 309 lbs. Cruise speed 50 mph and stall speed 25 mph. Rate of climb 600 fpm. R&D Aerosports, Wausau, WI 544403.



Lightbeam. Constructed at EAA Chapter 1 hangar at Flabob Field in Rubidoux, CA. Designed by Barnaby Wainfan and Richard Riley. Zenoah G25 powered. Aluminum frame, sail-covered wings and Polyfiber empennage. Spent some time with Barnaby this morning at Flabob Field and had the opportunity to peruse the Lightbeam. It appears to be a very sturdily built aircraft and and also appears larger than most ultraights. Length 21' and height is 6'3". Wing span is 32' and wing area is 180 sq/ft. Barnaby says it cruises at 35 mph and stalls at 17 mph. Load factor of+4.0 Gs. Empty weight 248 lbs. To learn more about Mr. Wainfan, go to wainfan.com.



Li'l Breezy. Aluminum with foam wing ribs. Covered with heat shrink fabric. Harper Aircraft Inc., 6580 Anvers Blvd. S, Jacksonville, FL 32210, 904-778-0021,




Libellule MkIII. (Fr., 1981). Designed by Bernard Broc and translated to 'Dragonfly'. T-tail. Length 19.8;, height 8.2’, wing span 32.9’, wing area 161 sq/ft. Empty weight 232 lbs. Payload 320 lbs. Load factors +4.5 Gs and -2.5 Gs. Glide ratio 14:1. Bernard Broc.




Little Bi. Simpson Midwest Ultralights. Fisk, MO.




Loehle Fun Machine.  Loehle’s first aircraft. Single-seat, biplane constructed of aluminum alloy and double surface mylar laminated Dacron on wings and tail unit. Wing span 28’, wing area 174 sq/ft. Empty weight 244 lbs. (Janes 85-86, p. 694).




Lone Ranger. (Brit). Developed from the Striplin Lone Ranger and modified with wing design and mounting. High wing monoplane with 3-axis controls. Length 15.8', height 7.2', wing span 34', wing area 153 sq/ft. 22 hp Zenoah engine. Empty weight 210 lbs. Payload 210 lbs. Cruise speed 55 mph, stall speed 21 mph. Climb rate 450 fpm. Glide ratio 17:1. Load factors +6 Gs and -3 Gs. Aero and Engineering Services.




Lucky Stars II. (Modified 2009 for larger engine). High aspect ratio wing with 34' span and wing area of 122 sq/ft. Height 8.5', length 17.3'. 2024 aluminum ladder frame wings with flaps. De-rated Kawasaki 340 engine. Empty weight 245 lbs. which includes BRS Chute. Payload 255 lbs. Full flying stabilator. Dual full flying rudders. Tricycle landing gear. 60 mph cruise with a stall speed of 28 mph (with flaps) and rate of climb 600 fpm. Wing loading 3.5 lbs/sq.ft. Glide ratio 8:1. "This is my best and most efficient design" says designer Mark Stull who provided above information. mstull@wtxs.net. San Angelo, TX.



Lucky Stars III (2010). Mark E Stull's eighth design is a unique blend of experimental factors for him. It is a tractor engine design with a ringtail. Wing span 34.2', wing area 122 sq/ft. Empty weight 225 lbs. Cruises at 60 mph and stalls clean at 29 mph. Rate of climb 400 fpm with Kawasaki 340 engine. mstull@wtxs.net.




Luftibus GB-1 (Switzerland). First Flight 6/77. Single seat, hi-wing monoplane with pusher engine. Light alloy tube fuselage. Tricycle landing gear. 45 hp 1600 cc VW engine. Wing span 22’ 11½”, wing area 75.35 sq/ft., Length 16’5”, Height 4’11”. Empty weight 507 lbs. Bezzola.