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CA-2.  (U.S., 1993). Designed by Frank Griffith. All aluminum sheetmetal aircraft that requires 600 hrs. build time. Tail is fabric covered. Structural loads are +4.4 Gs and -2.2 Gs. Wings are detachable. Length 16.5’, Wing span 26'. Wing area 117 sq/ft. Empty weight 250 lbs. Useful load 250 lbs. Adams Aeronautics Company, Inc. PO Box 1158 Dallas, Georgia 30132, ca-2@adamsaero.com, www.adamsaero.com

Cab Wasp.
(Aus., 1978). Designed by Neville White. Fuji Robyn 250 cc, one cycle engine with belt drive. Similar to the Wheeler Scout Mk2, but

with strut braced wing.


Cadet.  Designed and built by Jim Scott. Aluminum tube and sailcloth construction. 3-Axis with yoke control. Roll uses half-span ailerons. Double surface and strut braced wing. Tricycle landing gear with steerable front wheel. Length 16.5', height 8', wing span 30', wing area 163 sq/ft. Empty weight 248 lbs. Payload 303 lbs. Rotax 277 tractor engine. Cruise speed 45 mph and stall speed 18 mph. Climb rate 600 fpm. Structural limits +6 Gs and -4 Gs. Glide ratio 8:1. Aircore Industries Inc.




Cadet Mk III Motor Tutor. A single seat, high wing, open cockpit aircraft. Evolved from the T-31 glider. V.W. powered (1500-1600 cc.), using 2.25 gallons per hour cruising at 50 knots at 2,800 rpm., rate of climb 375 feet per minute, stalling at 33 knots. Slingsby.



Calypso. (U.S., 1984). 3-axis controls. Full-span ailerons. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nose wheel. True tapered, double surface wings. Parachute standard equipment. Length 19’, height 6.6’, wing span 33’, wing area 160 sq/ft. Cuyuna ULII-01 pusher engine. Cruise speed 50 mph, stall speed 27 mph. Climb rate 800 fpm. Glide ratio 9:1. Empty weight 278 lbs. Payload 222 lbs. Load factors +6 Gs and -4 Gs. Leach Aircraft Inc., El Cajon, CA.


Calypso. (Belg.) No other info available.



CGS Hawk Classic. (U.S., 1981). Conceived by Chuck Slusarczyk. Aluminum and Dacron construction. Length 20.7’, height 6.8’, wing span 28.8’, wing area 135 sq/ft. Empty weight 250 lbs. Payload 280 lbs. 40 hp Rotax 447 engine. Cruise speed 70 mph, stall speed 30 mph. Climb rate 900 fpm. Load factors +4 Gs and –3 Gs. Glide ratio 8.5:1. Build time 175 hrs. CGS Hawk Aviation.



Challenger I. 3-Axis with full-span ailerons. Steerable nosewheel. Double surface wings and enclosed cockpit with optional doors. Factory built airframe and wings. Dope and fabric covering. Estimated 100 hours build time. Length 18.5’, height 6’. Empty weight 235 lbs. Payload 265 lbs. Wing span 31.5 ft. Wing area 142 sq/ft. Load factors +4 Gs and -3 Gs. Glide ratio 10:1.  Quad City UL, 3810 34th St., Moline, IL 61265, 309-764-3515, daveatqcu@aol.com.



Chandelle Mk IV. Designed by Nile Downer. Single-seat high-wing monoplane with three-axis control. Tricycle landing gear. Aluminum alloy tube airframe. Single surface wing. Wing span 30.3’, wing area 176 sq/ft. Empty weight 243 lbs. Payload 257 lbs. 35 hp Cuyuna ULII-02 pusher engine. Climb rate 650 fpm. Cruise speed 40 mph and stall speed 22 mph. Chandelle Aircraft.



Chickinox Monoplace. (Belg, 1984). Designed by Jacky Tonet. 2-Axis control. Stainless steel tubular structure. Length 16.4’, height 7.2’, wing span 30.8’, wing area 142 sq. Empty weight 289 lbs, Payload 218 lbs. +6 and -3. Glide ratio 10:1. Dynali SA.


Chinese Aircraft. (2011). Designed by Ding Shilu, an auto mechanic, and built for $395.00 American. He used three motorbike engines. Flying characteristics unknown.


Chinook WT-11. (Can. 1977). Single seat, enclosed cockpit with pusher engine. Designed by Wladymir Talanchuk and Curt Lumas. Aluminum tube and sailcloth construction. 3-Axis controls. Hi-wing, double surface, strut braced wing. Taildragger with steerable tailwheel. Length 17.6', height 5'11", wing span 35'.Structural limits +5.5 Gs and -3 Gs. Glide ratio 10:1. Empty weight 230 lbs. Birdman Enterprises. Alberta, Canadahttp://dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/BeaverChinook/?yguid=75609453.


Citizen Fly. Single seat, pusher engine hi-wing monoplane. Length 18', height 5.1'. Wing span 27', wing area 100 sq/ft. Empty weight 254 lbs. 28 hp. JPX SOS engine. Cruise speed 55 mph, landing speed 27 mph. Climb rate 700 fpm. Available in tricycle or tailwheel landing gear versions. Building time approximately 56 hrs. Structural limits +6 Gs and -4 Gs. Leroy Ent. 


Clipper.  (1984). Designed by Fred Bell and re-introduced in 2002. Single seat parasol, strut braced, high wing taildragger aircraft with a tractor engine. Uses a 4130 chromoly welded steel fuselage with double surfaced wings covered with dacron sailcloth. Wing span 30’, wing area 154 sq/ft. Length 17.3’, height 7.5’. Empty weight 252 lbs. Payload 330 lbs. Cruise speed 60 mph and stalls at 20 mph. Climb rate 500 fpm. Load factors +6 Gs -4 Gs. Glide ratio 6:1. Sunrise Ultralight Mfg. Co. New Caney, Tx.



Cloudbuster (1981). Powered glider with tractor engine, Aluminum, fabric and composite construction. 3-Axis controls. Double surface, strut braced tapered wings with half-span ailerons. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. Length 15.6’, height 7.4’, wing span 37’, wing area 153 sq/ft. 20 hp. Zenoah G25B engine. Empty weight 248 lbs. Payload 284 lbs. Cruise speed 45 mph and stall speed 25 mph. Climb rate 650 fpm. Structural limits +4.5 Gs and -2.25 Gs. Glide ratio 13:1. Cloudbuster Inc.



Cloud Dancer. (1983). Pusher type V-tail powered glider designed by Erwin Rodger and Delura Roger. Aluminum tube and sailcloth construction. 80% double surface cantilever wings. Taildragger with steerable tail wheel. 3-Axis control uses ruddervators and spoilerons. Construction is aluminum tube, and dacron sail cloth. Length 17’, height 4.5’, Wing span 40', wing area 132 sq/ft. Empty weight 252 lbs. Payload 252 lbs. Structural limits +4.2 Gs and -2 Gs. Glide ratio 15:1. US Aviation, 265 Echo Lane South St. Paul, MN  55075. (Jane’s 85-86, p. 715).



Cloudhopper MkII. (Brit.) Singe-seat, strut braced, high wing monoplane. 2-Axis control system with tricycle landing gear. Steerable nosewheel. Tube and Dacron design. Empty weight 217 lbs. Structural limits +4 Gs and -2 Gs. Length  14.4’, wing span 27.7’, wing area 161 sq/ft. Lovegrove. (No picture available).

Cloud Rider. Low front mounted engine with tricycle landing gear and strut braced double surface wing. 3-axis control. 32’ wing span. Cuyuna ULII-02 tractor engine. Cloud Rider Aviation.



Cloudster I. (U.S., 1995). Designed by Scott Land. Wood with metal struts. 3-Axis controls with tail dragger configuration with pilots legs extended outside the fuselage to the rudder pedals. Length 16.4’, height 7', wing span 30’, wing area 138 sq/ft. Empty weight 250 lbs. Payload 230 lbs. 35 hp Kawasaki 340-LC tractor engine. Cruise 50 mph, stall 22 mph, and climb rate 650 fpm. Estimated build time 400 hrs. The plans for this plane is currently available and kits will soon be available. Simplex Aeroplanes, Manchester, Conn. http://simplexaero.com/.



Cobra. (U.S. 1982). Designed by Wayne and Kerry Richter. Single seat monoplane with pusher engine configuration. Conventional 3-Axis control. Double surface wire braced wing with spoilerons. Tricycle landing gear with optional steerable front wheel and nosewheel brakes. 35 hp Cuyuna II-02. Cruise speed 50 mph, stall speed 23 mph. and climb rate at 750 fpm. Length 17.5’, height 9.3’, Wing span 35’ and wing area 155 sq/ft. Empty weight 235 lbs. Payload 273 lbs. Load factors +3.8 Gs and -2 Gs. Glide ratio 9:1. Advanced Aviation. http://www.metacafe.com/watch/yt-qAybT-ic8rQ/cobra_ultralight_aircraft_quick_flight/.


Cobra (Fr.,89). No info available.


Condor. Designed by Buddy Head, Bob Carswell and Dave French. Single seat with pusher engine. Aluminum tube and sailcloth construction. 3-Axis controls. Single surface wire braced wings with spoilers. Tricycle landing gear. Non-steerable nosewheel. Kawasaki 440 engine. Climb rate 775 fpm. Length 10', height 9.7', wing span 32', wing area 168 sq. ft. Empty weight 245 lbs. Structural limits: +5 Gs and -3 Gs. Glide ratio 7:1. Approximate build time 75 hrs. Similar to Quicksilver MX. Seahawk Industries and Condor Aircraft.




Connie. The Connie is an amphibious single center float ultralight, with wing tip floats on the wings. The pilot sits in front of the wing, in a seat on top of the float. The Connie uses bolt and rivet together construction, covered in Dacron sail cloth, with estimated building times in the 100 hour range. Empty weight 328 lbs. Wing area 118 sq/ft. Cruise 55 mph. Stall at 25 mph. Quest Air Soaring Center, 6548 Groveland Airport Road, Groveland, FL 34736.


Coyote.  Designed by Randy Schlitter as a single-seat high-wing monoplane. Conventional 3-axis controls. Wing braced by cables and kingpost. Fuselage and empennage covered. Semi-enclosed cockpit. Taildragger with optional brakes. Length 17’, height 5.5’. Wing span 32’, wing area 133 sq/ft. 28 hp Rotax 277 tractor engine. Empty weight 249 lbs, payload 286 lbs. Load factors +3.5 Gs and -1.5 Gs. Cruise speed 40 mph, stall speed 25 mph. Glide ratio 10:1. Rans Inc., Hays, Ks. 




Cricket. (Aus). Designed by Colin Winton. 25 hp Fuji Robin tractor engine. Empty weight 240 lbs and useful load of 240 lbs. Wing span 26' and length 14 1/2'. Max speed 60 mph and stall speed 25 mph with climb rate of 500 fpm. Colin Winton. (picture in index of Cricket is piloted by Arthur Armour).



Cri Cri MC-10. (Fr., 1973). Designed by Michel Colomban, a French aeronautical engineer in the early 1970's. Smallest twin-engined manned aircraft. Single place tricycle landing gear with all metal construction. Originally powered by two 9hp Rowena engines. Has aerobatic capability. Length 12' 10", wing span 16', wing area 34 sq/ft. Empty weight 160 lbs. Cruise speed 115 mph and stall speed 42 mph. Climb rate 1300 fpm. Recently introduced electric engines.



Cumulus.  (U.S., 1996). Single-seat, motor-glider with 40hp, Rotax 447 pusher engine. Length 20’, height 4.5’, Wing span 43’, wing area 140 sq/ft. Empty weight 360 lbs. Useful load 280 lbs. Cruise speed 60 mph and stall speed 32 mph. Load factors +4 Gs and -2 Gs. Glide ratio 20:1. Rate of climb 1000 fpm. Approximate build time is 150 hrs. U.S. Aviation, St. Paul, MN.


Cygnet. Pamco.  (No info available).