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B1RD.  Reminiscent of the Santos Dumont Demoiselle of the early century. High wing tube and sailcloth construction. Conventional 3-Axis control with taildragger landing gear. Steerable rear wheel. Wing Span 32’ 7", wing area 162 sq/ft. Aluminum tube and fabric covering. Cable braced single surface wing. Rotax 447 engine. Cruise speed 38 mph and stall speed 18 mph. Empty weight 245 lbs. Payload 225 lbs. Load factors +3 Gs and -2 Gs. Build time 50 hrs. First major aircraft company to manufacture an ultralight airplane. Robertson Aircraft. http://dir.groups.yahoo.com/group/B1rd/?yguid=75609453.


Baby Bird DS-1. (U.S., 8/1984). Donald Stits designed this as the world's smallest airplane. Held record for short period of time. High wing monoplane with tricycle landing gear. Length 11', height 5'. Wing span 6.25' and empty weight of 250 lbs. Payload 188 lbs. 55 hp Hirth tractor engine. Cruise speed 88 mph and rate of climb 925 fpm.

Baby Chicken Hawk 250. (U.S.) Single seat, high-wing monoplane. Kingpost and cable wing rigging. Tricycle landing gear with no brakes. 22hp Zenoah G25B1 pusher engine. Length 15.2’, height 7’, wing span 30’, wing area 150 sq/ft. Empty weight 185  lbs, payload 190 lbs. Cruise speed 30 mph, stall speed 22 mph. Climb rate 400 fpm. The Baby Chicken Hawk 277 can be converted from a monoplane to a bi-plane. Atlantis Aviation, Inc. Bellingham, WA.


Backyard Flyer. All welded aluminum construction. Plane features a swing wing. Height 74”, length 17.6’, wing span 26’, wing area 130 sq/ft. Empty weight 254 lbs. Rate of climb 800 fpm. Glide ratio 8:1. Wing swings parallel to fuselage for easy transport. Valley Engineering. http://www.culverprops.com/back-yard-flyer.php.



Bagalini. Wood and fabric wings with wood and metal frame. 35 hp Rotax 377 engine. Wing span 35’, wing area 153 sq/ft. Length 21'. Fuel capacity 3 gal. Empty weight 254 lbs. Rotax 447 at 40 hp. Cruise 40mph. Stall speed 27 mph. Climb rate 1200 fpm. Load factors +7Gs and -3.5 Gs. Bagalini, Milan, Italy.



Banchee. (1982). Designed by Brian Jensen, Gill Kinzie and Nick Nichols. Single seat, hi-wing monoplane with canard made of aluminum tubing and Dacron sailcloth. 3-Axis control. Double surface wire braced wing. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nosewheel. 35 hp Cuyuna 430R pusher engine. Cruise speed 35 mph. Stalls at 22 mph. Length 12', Height 12’2”. Wing span 34' 3”, wing area 194 sq/ft. Empty weight 251 lbs. Structural limits +6 Gs and -4Gs. Glide ratio 12:1. Forerunner of the Goldwing. International Ultralight Aviation.



Banty. (U.S., 1984). High wing parasol type aircraft with taildragger landing gear. Wood and fabric construction. Estimated 500 hr. build time. Strut braced folding wings. Length 18.8', Height 6', Wing span 32', Wing area 128 sq. ft. Empty weight 237 lbs. 28 hp. Rotax 277 engine. Cruise 50 mph, stall 27 mph. Climb rate 400 fpm. Butterfly Aero, 1333 Garrard Creek Rd., Oakville, WA  98568.




Barnstormer. (1982). A Mike Fisher design. Negative stagger wing biplane. Aluminum tube and fabric construction. 3-Axis control. Double surface with strut braced wings. Tricycle landing gear. Wing span 20', wing area 154  sq/ft. Empty weight 220 lbs. Pay load 230 lbs. Wicks Aircraft Supply, Highland, IL.



Barnstormer DGU-82. Hi-wing monoplane with aluminum aircraft tubing. Single surface wing. 25 hp Lloyd tractor engine with steerable tailwheel. Wing span 34', wing area 170 sq/ft. Length 18'. Empty weight 182 lbs. Payload 25 lbs. Cruising speed 35 mph and stall speed 22 mph. Mathews, Mesa Arizona. 


Baroudeur. (Fr. 1981). Designed by Henri de Beaufort with Philippe Tisserant as a 3-Axis complete from factory. Steerable nosewheel. Length 16.5’, height 8.2’, wing span 29.6’, wing area 151 sq/ft. Glide ratio 10:1. Empty weight 220 lbs. Aeronautic 2000.  (Jane’s 84-85, p. 662).



Basic-Flyer. Designed by Ken Adams, Jr. (No other info available).



Beachy Breezer. (1984). Designed by Clair O’Meyer. Single seat, high-wing monoplane with conventional 3-axis controls. Strut braced wing. Aluminum alloy airframe partially enclosed. 20 hp Cuyuna 215RR pusher engine. Length 16’, height 5’, wing span 30’, wing area 147 sq/ft. Empty weight 245 lbs. Payload 265 lbs. Load factors +4 Gs and -3 Gs. Cruise speed 48 mph and stall speed 20 mph. Glide ratio 10.5:1. Bealer Ent. Clarion, OH.



Bearcat. Designed by Jack Hutchison. Single-seat, high-wing monoplane. Three axis control taildragger with brakes on main wheels. Strut braced double surfaced wing with NC profile. Length 18', height 6'. Wing span 30' and wing area 150 sq/ft. 42 hp Rotax 447 tractor engine. Cruise speed 65 mph and stall speed 27 mph with climb rate of 750 fpm. Empty weight 270 lbs. with payload of 380 lbs. Load factors +6Gs and -4Gs. Ultra Classics, Lousiana. (Suggested by Ben Bell with his Bearcat pictured).


Beaujon Mach .07. One of the plans available from Mr. Beaujon. Length 17.5 ', wing span 33.3', wing area 165 sq/ft. Empty weight 160 lbs. Useful load 225 lbs. Building time is estimated at 60-80 hrs. 20 hp Zenoah G25B tractor engine. Cruise speed 38 mph and stall speed 20 mph. Climb rate 350 fpm. Mr. Beaujon provides a very informative manual for builders and designers of ultralight aircraft. Beaujon Ultralights, Box 2121, Ardmore, OK 73402, 580-223-5203. Also known at the Questar Sport by Midwest Engineering, Overland Park, Ks.



Beaver SS. (1992). Designed by Larry Croome, and Dennis Martin. Introduced as the RX-28 in 1983. Adapts to floats and skis. Length 15', height 5.8', wing span 33', wing area 158 sq/ft. Empty weight 232 lbs. Useful load 292 lbs. Glide ratio 12:1.  A.S.A.P., P.O. Box 995,  Vernon, C, Canada V1T 6N2, 250-549-1102, asap@junction.net.


Bee. Length 16.5’. Wing span 28’10”, wing area 108 sq/ft. Cruise speed 60 mph, stall speed is 27 mph. Rate of climb 500 fpm. Empty weight 328 lbs. Redesign of Bebe. Second picture courtesy of John Davidson.




BEBE. Designed by H. Beaujon. High wing monoplane with Rockwell JLO Model L-395 24.5 hp pusher engine. Engine weight 59 lbs. Wing span 29’ ½”, wing area 107 sq/ft. Empty weight 200 lbs., Gross weight 398 lbs. Cruise speed 65 mph and stall speed 28 mph. Beaujon Ultralights, Box 2121, Ardmore, OK 73402, 580-223-5203.



Belite 254. (U.S., 7/2009). James Wiebe developed this 3-Axis, hi-wing monoplane with taildragger or tricycle landing gear. Carbon fibre components with folding wing for easy transport and storage. Length 16'5", height 5'2". Wing span 25'2" and wing area 98.9 sq/ft. Empty weight 254 lbs and useful load 296 lbs. Cruise speed 55 mph and stall speed 28 mph. Available in fully assembled or kit form. Belite Ent. LLC, Wichita, Ks 67226. Info@beliteaircraft.com.


Bendix (1937). No info available.


Beta Bird. (U.S., 4/79). Monoplane version of the Whing Ding II designed by Bob Hovey and initially known as the ‘Bushwacker’. Strut braced wing with full- span ailerons. Wood, aluminum and fabric construction. Steerable tailwheel. Wing span 25’ 6”, wing area 87 sq/ft. Length 17’ 6”, height 6’. Empty weight 405 lbs. with Volkswagen 1600 engine. Payload 225 lbs. Load factors +4 Gs and -1.5 Gs. Glide ratio 7:1. Wings fold for storage and transport. Aircraft Specialties Co.


Biplum. (Fr., 1981). Designed by Maurice Guerpont. Empty weight 221 lbs. Wing loading 15 kg/m2. Cruise speed 49 mph, Stall speed 31mph. Koenig SC430 Engine. Load factors +3.5 Gs and -1.5 Gs. NACA 2309 airfoil. 



Birdman Atlas 3A. A weight shift ultralight introduced in the late 70's. It was powered by a Rotax twin cylinder 300 cc engine. Many similarities to Quicksilver weightshift. Approximate build time 100 hrs. Forerunner of the Chinook WT-11. Wing span 32’, wing area 160 sq/ft. Empty weight 195 lbs. Birdman Enterprises.



Birdman TL-1B. (U.S.A., 1975). Designed by Emmett M. Talley. Aluminum and wood with Monokote covering. Unconventional 2-Axis controls. Glide Ratio 15:1. Essentially a powered glider. Its fuselage was a boom connecting a set of wings with a V-tail. Flight control was provided by spoilers. The aircraft can be quickly dismantled since it is built in three sections. Length 20.2’, height 7.3’, Wingspan 34 ft., wing area 144 sq/ft. Empty weight 130 lbs. TL-1A was an extended wing variation. Birdman Aircraft Inc. Daytona Beach, Fl.



Blackburn. (No info available).


Bloop. (U.S., 9/2010). A motor-floater by Mike Sandlin. Two axis control. Empty weight 183 lbs.


Blue Max. (Aus. 86). Produced by Werner Bekker. Derived from Cricket and ready to fly single seat, strut braced high wing monoplane. 3-Axis control with double surface wing. Taildragger. Wing span 28’, length 18’. Empty weight 254 lbs. Tractor Rotax 447 engine. Cruise speed 62 mph. Rate of climb 400 fpm. (Janes 86-87, p. 537).


Bobcat. (86). Single-seat, low wing monoplane. Constructed from spruce, plywood, foam and ceconite fabric. 28 hp Rotax tractor engine. Cruise speed 45-50 mph and stall speed 27 mph. Climb rate 700 fpm. Gross weight 500 lbs. Length 15’3”, height 6’. Wing span 27’8”, wing area 112 sq/ft. Loading factors +4 Gs and -4 Gs. Empty weight 251 lbs. First Strike, Piggott, Arkansas.



Boomerang.  A two seater with tractor engine designed by Mike Fisher. Aluminum tubes and fabric construction. 3-Axis controls. Double surface strut braced high wing with half-span ailerons. Taildragger landing gear. Wing span 28’, wing area 156 sq/ft. Empty weight 190 lbs. Pay load 209 lbs. Wicks Aircraft Supply, Highland, Il.



Boxmouth (1975). Easy to build requiring local supplies from hardware and farming equipment supply stores. Single seat, tandem bi-plane. Wings at front and rear. Wing span 20’, wing area 400 sq/ft. Length 26’, height 11’. Empty weight 350 lbs. (Jane’s 80-81, p. 553).


Brienne. (Fr., 87). No info available.

Bristol Babe. (Brit., 1919). Only three built. Single seat, biplane designed by Frank Barnwell. Length 14'11'. Wing span 19' 8" and wing area 108 sq/ft. Empty weight 460 lbs. British and Colonial Aeroplane Co. Ltd.


Britten-Norman BN-1F. (Brit., 51). Designed by John Britten and Desmond Norman. (No other info available).


Bronco. (1983). Designed by Ludwig Thalhofer. Single-seat, high wing monoplane with 3-Axis controls. 27 hp Konig three cylinder radial pusher type engine. Tricycle landing gear with tailskid. Cruise speed 47 mph, stalls at 27 mph. Wing span 33’1 Ύ”, Wing area 129 sq/ft. Length 18’ 8 ½”. Structural limits +6 Gs and –6 Gs. Empty weight 253 lbs. Payload 287 lbs. Glide ratio 12:1. Thalhofer GmbH. (Jane’s 85-86, p. 661).



Broomstick. (No info available).



Brugger Papillon. Designed by Max Brugger of MB-2 Colibri2 fame. High wing monoplane with aluminum tube frame and strut braced wing. (Janes 84-85, p. 675).



Buccaneer. (1983). Originally by High Craft, this convertible amphibian’s empty weight is 228 lbs. Payload is 272 lbs. 28 hp Rotax 277 pusher engine. Cruise speed 40 mph, stall speed 21 mph. Glide Ratio 11:1. Length 17.5’, height 7.4’. Load factors +3 Gs and -2 Gs. Wing span 33.5’, wing area 147 sq/ft. Advanced Aviation.



Bunyip 368. (Aus., 1983). An ultralight aircraft produced in South Australia. According to the Australian aircraft register, there were only two Bunyip aircraft registered in Australia as of 2007. From Cricket. Taildragger version called Bunyip and tricycle gear called Wombat (3/1984). Australian Ultralight Industries.



Butterfly. (Belg. 1979). A flying flea configuration with 2 Axis control. Designed by G Francois and Raymond Mossoux. McCuloch M101 engine pusher mounted. Length 10’, Height 4.5’, wing span 20.4’, wing area 126 sq/ft. Empty weight 110 lbs. Payload 190 lbs. 12:1 glide ratio. Butterfly Company




Buzzard Light Plane aka MG-1. 34hp ABC Scorpion pusher; wing span: 35'0" length: 19'3". Designed by Bud Snyder. Early ultralight, essentially a motorized glider with a pylon-mounted parasol wing and a motor. Fabric covered except for a dural-covered plywood fuselage bottom for student landings. Design revived in 1983 as kit-form, 22 hp Zenoah-powered Ritz Standard A by Gerry Ritz. Empty weight 200 lbs, Payload 275 lbs. Glide ratio 15:1. Ritz Aircraft. Wartrace TN.