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References to Jane’s are ‘Jane’s All The World’s Aircraft’ and the pictures and more elaborate descriptions can be seen there. Dimensions provided are approximate. There are some small differences from varying reference sources.


Aero kart Baby 12. (Fr.1984). Company started out with two seaters and then developed single seat models. Designed by Serge Cardot. 26 hp Rotax 277 tractor engine. 2-Axis control. Kingpost bracing. Length 15.1’, height 8.2’, wing span 27.9’, wing area 138 sq/ft. Empty weight 207 lbs. Payload 256 lbs. Structural limits +6 Gs and -4.5 Gs. Glide ratio 6:1. Aerokart SARL.




Aerolite 103 (1996). A cross between the Hawk and the Tierra. Half span flaps are standard. Steerable nose wheel. Assembled and ready to fly. Empty weight 250 lbs. Useful load 270 lbs. Length 17', height 6' 5", wing span 26.8', wing area 124 sq/ft. 35 hp 2si pusher engine. Cruise speed 55 mph and stall speed 28 mph. Structural limits are +4Gs, -2.8 Gs. www.fly103.com. 330-695-2553.



Aeroplane XP. 3-axis version of Larry Mauro’s Aeroplane. Swept wing open cockpit biplane. 34 hp. Cuyuna 430 pusher engine. Tricycle landing gear with roll cage design. Steerable nose wheel. Wing span 30’, wing area 170 sq/ft. Empty weight 225 lbs. Payload 250 lbs. Stall speed 19 mph. 100 fpm climb rate. Load factors +6 Gs and -4 Gs. 8:1 glide ratio. Modified version of the John K. Moody's (Father of Ultralites) Easy Riser. UFM of Kentucky. 




Aeroprakt A-6. (Russia). Single seat, high wing monoplane. 25 hp pusher engine. Tricycle landing gear. Length 15’, wing span 23’, wing area 61.3 sq/ft. Empty weight 240 lbs. Top speed 62 mph, stall speed 34 mph. Composite wing and tail with metal and composite fuselage. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/a6_ultralight_aircraft.php.



Aerosport Rail MkII. (U.S., 11/70) H.L. Wood is the designer. Easy build low wing monoplane. Single seat, cantilevered wing aircraft. Tricycle landing gear with steerable nose wheel. Twin pusher engines were Rockwell JLO LB-600 snow mobile power plants weighing about 56 lbs and developing 33 hp at 4300 rpm. Wing span 23’ 3 1/2”, Wing area 81.5 sq/ft., Length 15’ 9”, Height 6’. Empty weight 438 lbs. Holly Springs, North Carolina. (Jane’s Aircraft of the World, 76-77, page 692).





Aerostat 340. Single seat, high wing monoplane. 40 hp Kawasaki pusher engine. Climb rate 800 fpm. Empty weight 248 lbs. Aerolight Flight Development, Mesa, AZ.




Aerotique Parasol. Constructed from gusset reinforced rectangular tubing. The fuselage weighs 12 lbs. Wood wings with ½ span ailerons. Length 17.5’, height 6.17’. Wing span 32’, wing area 140 sq/ft. Empty weight 250 lbs. Payload 270 lbs. 35 hp Cuyuna UL II-02 tractor engine. Cruise speed 60 mph and stall speed 24 mph. Climb rate 700 fpm. Load factors +6 Gs and -2.5 Gs. Glide ratio 12:1. Build time 150 hrs. Aerotique Aviation, Columbus, IL. (Information provided by BelchFire).




Affordaplane. (2001). The Affordaplane was introduced in 2001 as a simple to build, affordable ultralight. Featuring 3-Axis and full span ailerons. The Affordaplane can be built in 250 hours with no welding involved. Designed by Dave Edwards this aircraft is for the first time builder and plans are available. Length: 17’3”, Height 5’0”, Wingspan 27’6”, Wing Area 117 sq. ft. Empty weight 254lb. Affordaplane, 6817 Alafia Dr., Riverview, FL 33569. http://www.ultralightnews.com/sunfun2000/affordaplanesnf.htm.


Aile PX2000. (Fr., 83). Single seat, high wing monoplane. Wire braced wing. Tricycle landing gear. Tractor engine. Length 17.5’, height 7.9’, wing span 29.9’, wing area 136 sq/ft. Empty weight 309 lbs. Structural limits +6 Gs and -4 Gs. Aile, Chatelais, France. (Jane’s 85-86, p. 653).




Airbike. (1994). A conventional hi-wing monoplane with taildragger landing gear and tractor engine. The pilot feels like he is riding a bicycle. Welded steel tube airframe with double-surface wing covered with wood, fabric and dope. This is a 3-Axis aircraft with removable wings and steerable tailwheel. Length: 16', Height 5.5', wing span 26', wing Area 118 sq/ft. Empty weight 251 lbs and useful load is 309 lbs. Structural limits +4 Gs and -2 Gs. Ison Aircraft, 10790 Ivy Bluff Rd., Bradyville, TN 37026, 615-765-7234.



Aircamper. The Sky Scout was born in 1928 as a single seat high wing monoplane and was powered by the Ford Model ''T'' engine. Bernard Pietenpol built and flew his own design. The airplane was modified into a two seater using a Model A engine and named the ‘Aircamper’. (See pic. below).



Airey-Plane. Wilbur Staib built this small airplane. The only apparent design criteria for the craft was Staib's limited spare time and working in limited hangar space.  The "Airy-Plane" is unique in that it is also a twin-engine aircraft, even though the power plants are only 10 hp West Bend 820 chain-saw engines. The aircraft's net weight is 175 lbs., is only 14 ft. long, with a 14 ft. wing span. Three months and about $500 were spent on the craft.

Air Scooter 7.
(No info available).

AJS 2000 (Fr.,83). No info available.



Antis. (Lithuania). Single-seat monoplane with cable braced wing plus canard. 25 hp pusher engine. Tricycle landing gear. Length 20’, wing span 31.3’, wing area 170 sq/ft. with canard. Empty weight 220 lbs. Gross weight 400 lbs. Top speed 38 mph and stall speed 26 mph. Wing and tail structure from tubing and fabric. Fuselage is tubing. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/antis_ultralight_aircraft.php. Updated info courtesy of Kestutis Zelnys.




Antoshka. (Russia). Single-seat biplane. 40 hp pusher engine. Tricycle landing gear. Length 16.2’, wing span 31.2’, wing area 111 sq/ft. Empty weight 297 lbs. Gross weight 475 lbs. Top speed 62 mph, stall speed 37 mph. Wing is metal and fabric with tubing and fabric tail. Fuselage metal. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/antoshka_ultralight_aircraft.php




AN-22. (Mar. 83). Single seat, three axis monoplane designed by Albert Neukom. Later named Albatross and sold in W. Germany. Empty weight 287 lbs. and payload of 240 lbs. Neukom.




Ascender IIIB. (1980). Designed by Jack McCornack as the Pterodactyl in the late 70's. Uses canard wing for positive control. Wire braced flying wing. Constructed of anodized aluminum tubing bolted together. Wing is pre-sewn Dacron sailcloth envelopes. Length 16.8', height 9.1’, wing span 33', wing area 173 sq. ft. 35 hp Cuyuna engine. Cruise speed 40 mph. Climb rate 1000 fpm. Estimated build time 100 hrs. Empty weight 165 lbs. Payload 260 lbs. Glide ratio 8:1. DFE Ultralights.



Astra. (U.S. 1983). Designed by Ian Becker and Walt Todhunter. Single-seat, high-wing monoplane with 3-Axis control. Side-mount joystick. Cruciform tail. Wire-braced wing with tractor engine. Tricycle landing gear. Nose wheel steering optional and no brakes. Length 13.4’, height 9.4’, wing span 33’, wing area 165 sq/ft. Empty weight 248 lbs. Structural limits +6 Gs and -4 Gs. Astra International. (Jane’s 83-84, p. 654).





Atgimimas. (Lithuania). Single-seat, high wing monoplane. 22hp pusher engine. Tricycle landing gear. Length 16.6’, wing span 27’, wing area 116.6 sq/ft. Empty weight 215 lbs and gross weight of 415 lbs. Top speed 72 mph and stall speed 28 mph. Fuselage is tubing while wing is wood and composite. Tail is tubing and fabric. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/atgimimas_ultralight_aircraft.php. Updated info courtesy of Kestutis Zelnys.




Avenger. High-wing, 3-axis monoplane with cable braced wing. 30 hp Kawasaki 440 engine. Tricycle type landing gear with steerable nose wheel. Wingspan 31’, wing area 135 sq/ft. Length 17’. Empty weight 252 lbs. Airborne Wing Design, Sacramento, Ca.




Avenger. (Aus. 81). Designed by Steve Cohen.











Avenger. Single seat, open cockpit monoplane. All wood with fabric covering. Plans available. Fisher Flying Products. Wing span 27’, wing area 121 sq/ft. Length 16.25’, Empty weight 250 lbs. Payload 270 lbs. 40 hp Rotax engine. Cruise speed 60 mph, stall speed 26 mph. Climb rate 900 fpm. Estimated build time 300 hrs. Fisher Flying Products. http://www.lightsportaircraft.ca/airventure-2006/avenger-fisherflyingproducts.html.



Avid Champion. (U.S., 1998). Designed by Dean Wilson as a scaled down version of Avid Mark IV. Junkers-type ailerons. Quick folding wing. Length 17'7", height 6', wing span 26’9”, wing area 114.5 sq/ft. Empty weight 254 lbs and useful load is 276 lbs. Cruise speed 63 mph. and stall speed 26 mph. Avid Aircraft, Ennis, MT.




Avid Flyer. (1983). Designed by Dean Wilson. Single seat, open cockpit monoplane. Wings fold for storage. Tube covered with fabric. Length 17.5’, height 6’. Wing span 26’ 9½”, Wing area 114.5 sq/ft. Empty weight 254 lbs. Avid Aircraft, Ennis, MT.



Avion. (1982). Designed by Bob Lovejoy and developed by Ken Brock. Single seat, hi-wing monoplane. Aluminum alloy frame. Fuel tank seat. Fabric covered strut braced wing. 3-Axis control with tricycle landing gear. Steerable nosewheel. Simple and elegant design. I saw Ken Brock fly this around his ranch and it was a sight to behold. Length 15.5’, height 6’10”. Wing span 29’, wing area 145 sq/ft. Rotax 277 pusher engine. Cruise speed 48 mph, stall speed 27 mph. Load factors +6 Gs and-4 Gs. Empty weight 250 lbs. Payload 280 lbs. Glide ratio 7:1. Ken Brock Manufacturing. (Jane’s 84-85, p. 691).




Aya-7. (Russia). Single-seat, high wing monoplane. 30 hp pusher engine. Tricycle landing gear. Length 12’, wing span 17’, wing area 63.6 sq/ft. Empty weight 173 lbs and gross weight 360 lbs. Top speed 69 mph and stall speed 44 mph. Rate of climb 600 fpm. Wing and tail made from wood and fabric. Tail is metal. http://www.easyultralightdesign.com/aya7_ultralight_aircraft.php